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  • Ixxy

    My first FOTD attempt!

    Hi all... Finally, I plucked up my courage to post my FOTD. So here it is! I know the pics are not clear enough. Sorry for that. Will improve the next time round.

    I am still a newbie in make-up. So do leave your comments and tell me what you think. I will try and improve in future.

    Thanks for viewing my pics.

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    Pretty eyes! Love the makeup too (S7! my e/s makup today is quite simlilar to yours. ) .. think you'll even better with curled, long lashes & a bit more blush. But think you may have them on already but the pics is not clear enough for me to tell.

    I like that full face pic of yours. So vibrant! I'll like to see more!


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      Pretty eyes!!! i like your pearl white teeth too!!! what KP eyebrow styling?? which biotherm makeup base did you use?? is the white detox range??


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        Nice photo .. s7 is one I get for u during the KP sale ?
        Abit regret I never grab more for myself too.

        Should have grab shanti 33 too!


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          S7?? that's lovely! lemming that trio

          you look great!


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            clarins, tell me about it. I didn't even grab any trios that day plus i swapped my s7 away and now i regret big time! Nevermind, hope i can get my s4 soon!

            pat > you look very glowy today! Go where dating ???


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              Hi Ixxy! U looked nice! Kind of like a Japanese! Big eyes!
              And I find that u have a very NICE SMILE!
              Very approachable and friendly-lookings!!!
              Ur nickname remind me of local celebrity "Ix Shen" of Channel U! *Heehee*!!!


              • #8
                Thanks all for the sweet comments!

                Stella --> Thanks Stella! Your make-up is so much better than mine. I am still a beginner in make-up. Yes, I need a better mascara. That's why I am lemming for Fasio Lengthening Mascara. All the raves about it! I need to get it!

                candeecake --> Hee.. I don't have pearl white teeth irl. It's the photos! The KP eyebrow styling is actually a mascara that lightens your brows to match your hair colour. It also helps to brush your brow hairs together and stay in one place. Yes, it's the white detox range.

                Clar --> Yup.. you are right girl! It's the one you got for me. I it! My fav trio!

                duckiee --> Ok, it's time to dig out your wallet!

                Tricia --> s4?!? Wow... must show us k. Hehe.. don't tell you!

                MiniVV --> I am just a plain jane. Not jap at all. My eyes are normal too. Hee... but thanks for the flattering comments. Ix Shen? Haha... Yeah, really do sound like it.


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                  Love how you do your eye makeup....very nice!


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                    pretty eyes!!! S7 looks so good on you.

                    abit o/t, I do agree that you look jappy! if i'm not wrong, You, lovedust and clarins are friends rite? you 3 make a cutesy and pretty trio! do you gals ever got mistaken as japanese before?


                    • #11
                      YOu look great! So sweet and pixie-ish like a Jap girl! *wolf whistle*

                      Love ur eye-makeup, think u do better as a newbie than me. My e/s application skills are horrible.