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    I am finally back!!! After watching their video on how to use their products.

    This morning I decided to use the minerals make up for the first time...

    My goodness!! I am so AMAZED!!! I must say I am not exaggerating. As I watched them how to do it yesterday, I was still in doubt why are they only using so little and yet they could get the effect they wanted on their face. How can that be possible?

    Anyway, I thought I should just follow accordingly and see what happens. To be honest, their power is super pigmented! Using really little, I could see all the colours appearing on my face! Slowly bit by bit, the colours showing up.

    Foundation, blushes, veil? eye shadow etc? even the colours for the eyeliner! My god, you cannot imagine how tiny bit I used and yet it shows like I have drawn a nice thick blending eyeliner!

    I am impressed! It makes make up so much simpler and yet using such little amount, I think I would be able to save lots of $ on it too and at the same time good for the skin!

    The sets I bought comes with all the brushes needed, so I thought those brushes might not be good and soft and I am so wrong. The kabuki, the eye shadow brushes, the blushes brush, eyeliner brush and face brushes etc.. so many of them? they are so soft. I don?t have to spend extra money to buy an extra set just for the minerals.

    This is simply a good product! But there is one item which I don?t have would be the concealer. I won?t be able to know if it will conceal as well as the traditional one or not.

    From the video, the CEO mentioned that the powder is not just ordinary power, they are so creamy and easy to blend. I don?t believe her till I use it myself. When I feel my face after application. They do feel like creamy and lasting.

    I shall monitor for a whole day to see if they are as lasting as mentioned!

    3 cheers for Bare Escentuals Minerals!


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      Good for you, jill!

      I also wanna love mineral makeups as much as you do. But I tried few times, as in the loose foundation, and it just doesn't work for me unfortunately. I even got comment that I looked bad with it


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        i bought the starter kit last year and had been using this brand since then.
        however i find the foundation range rather limited in their color choices./
        right now i am using BBcream and top with the mineral veil. i love their radiance color, i think it is blusher.

        i've not tried their eyecolors. any comments?

        compare to other Mineral makeup brands, i think BE is a little more high priced. till i find something else that suits my skin, i'm sticking to this for now =)


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          as i am a started myself, I am only using those which comes in a set. So I not sure it they really suit me or I should go for other colours.

          But I must say for those we are very used to having some make up on their face, to use minerals make up might be able to get used to it so soon. As they are rather light I should say, and maybe I was lazy to put a layer of primer before them. I can see my pores and spots and frackles still. And I do not have their concealer so I can't do anything now.

          Dovespaniel, have you tried this brand? why not give a try, who knows u might love it too? I think i will still be using the conventional make up as I bought lots of them and need to slowly finish them up. I will use the minerals when I am travelling I guess as they are rather light to carry...

          The foundation is really light. somehow when I apply them, I thought I can hardly see them at all! but I tell myself that I shouldnt over apply them as maybe I am so used to LF... but as I wipe it away using a tissue paper, I can see that they are actually on my face.

          I will try a few more times with it and see how it goes. I will update again, hopefully I can find time to take some pictures of before and after and let you see if you would like to try it out ok?


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            Think the problem lies with me. I've tried few brands, though not BE, and the end result is usually the same... I see my pores even more. Like you, am so used to LF too. With LF,can still blend it into the pores. But powder ones it just glides past those pores. Wanna love it also difficult.

            Oh will be great I get to see pics! But then, I still very much into believing that loose foundation is more suitable for gals with fairly good skin. Someone please help me reverse that..


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              last time my friend told me when she visit USA, she always see Bare Escentuals advertisement.. swirl, tap .. and she said the advertisement seem great...

              Jillykitty, may I know which color set you purchase?I saw there are many sets on sephora. your MAC tone is NC20 right?


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                Originally posted by happy_paradise View Post
                last time my friend told me when she visit USA, she always see Bare Escentuals advertisement.. swirl, tap .. and she said the advertisement seem great...

                Jillykitty, may I know which color set you purchase?I saw there are many sets on sephora. your MAC tone is NC20 right?
                If you see my post #28, I have all the pictures show all I bought. Their slogan is Swirl, Tap, Buff... Now then I know why...

                Actually I don't know what is my MAC tone also.. how to find out? I reckon I am between NC 20/25 I guess...

                I bought 4 sets from Sephora to try try.... go see the pic I posted ya.


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                  jillykitty.. that is a lot of stuffs you bought!! EDM not suitable for me, i feel like not wearing any foundation.. it cannot cover my pimples, scar marks.. it also does not feel creamy at all.. I dont know some how I think after using EDM, my face like will have breakouts.. anyway, I only wasted SG$6 on the postage of the sample kit.. so still alright.. hehe

                  I thought last time when you compare the beauty marker aqua concealer with the benefit bo-ing, you like said you are somewhere NC20. .so I thought.. hehe.. I cant remember maybe its another cotter who said she is NC20... NC20 is quite a common color tone ma-h.. think I am old already, memory is failing me.. so paisay..

                  Yes BE's slogan is Swirl, Tap, Buff.. my friend was telling me the advertisement is very attractive when she was in USA.. she said they kept flashing the advertisements everywhere.. hehe..

                  I saw on Sephora website that there kits come with different color tone like light, medium , tan for different skin tone..


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                    I think I am a NC20, well but that's my only guessing. I haven't got a chance to visit a MAC store to ask them.

                    Actually on how to select the colours, what I did is to choose the fair/ fairly light, as I thought I am not very yellowish in my skintone and therefore I dare not try on to the medium tone as they look rather tan to me.

                    To be honest I have no tried on EDM as my friend in US told me that I should start with Bare Escentuals as they are better quality. (no offence to those who uses EDM). As I would very much want to try EDM but I haven't got a chance to buy from them yet.

                    and when my biz associate travel to US, I ask him to help me buy all the sets so that I can try them as a starter. without those sets, I wont know what to choose also. I am not very good with make up... lol..

                    If you think you still want to give minerals makeup a try, why not switch a brand and see if it suits you?

                    I will also try EDM out once I got the opportunity. But warn you, the colours are rather pigmented, so very little will show already.... so you can save $ too!


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                      I just found out my colour code!!! I mean my skin tone! I am so so silly. Always thought that I should go to a MAC counter to get them to tell me which skin tone code I belongs to and haven't got a chance to do it.

                      Suddenly today I realised that I am all along using a MAC loose powder, why I never thought about looking under that bottle? Because usually when I buy my items. I go to the DFS counter and say, I want to buy what, the SA will pick for me and I will just pay without trying them out.

                      Untill today, I finally realised that I am a NC15 after looking under my loose powder bottle. Am I right to say that?


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                        You could be right... but then, I think when we get LP, usually we opt for a shade lighter. The best bet is still trying on MAC LF. That has to be the closest shade to our own skin.


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                          Hi ladies

                          I just started using the starter kit on Tuesday and I must say I do like it. It is very light and natural looking. One thing I need to ask though is how you guys store the brushes? At this moment I am still storing everything within the box. The brushes are a bit scratchy. Btw I use the kabuki brush to apply the foundation - is it correct? Only used the longer brush when applying the darker powder for overall glow/face colour.


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                            review for Mineral Veil finishing powder please!
                            worth getting it?


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                              Originally posted by babyprincess View Post
                              review for Mineral Veil finishing powder please!
                              worth getting it?
                              The Mineral Veil Finishing powder is very easy to use. I use it like loose powder to set the makeup and it is supposed to help disguise the pores. I tried, and yes it does help disguise the pores a little. There is no colour in the mineral veil so you can't use too much unlike the foundation.

                              I bought the Feather Light Mineral Veil which is equivalent to loose powder with shimmer. It works well too.

                              My only gripe with bare minerals is that it doesn't travel well. I bought their refillable mirror compact and the powder doesn't really stay in the case.

                              What a mess and waste!


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                                I have been into mineral makeup for the better half of 2008. BE was one of the first brands I read about. However, the foundies contain talc and bismuth oxychloride. Talc is used as a cheap filler for most counter makeup and bismuth for pearlization (which can be an irritant for some skins).

                                That makes me hesitant and averse to trying out BE, with the plethora of other good mineral makeup companies around at more attractive prices too, although BE's marketing campaign is the most aggressive among them all.