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  • chillipadi - password is chillipadifotd

    I wanted to hop on the FOTD bandwagon too... this is the first of very few FOTDs that you'll see from me cos I hardly ever wear makeup (this one was from a MAC makeover in San Diego so I can't even take credit for the makeup, haha). Actually it's not really an FOTD since I can't remember most of the makeup used... the pics were taken back in March. I just thought you all might like to know what I look like (though IRL and sans makeup it's a bit of a letdown I'm afraid ).

    Skin in shots looks very clear but is actually quite misleading (believe me) cos the makeup hid a lot of flaws (and I was on Roaccutane - my skin's relapsed somewhat since so doesn't look good anymore *sigh*), plus the lighting was great...

    Makeup as far as I can remember (which isn't much I'm afraid; sorry):

    Face: Select SPF15 in NC25

    Cheeks: Cheekhue in Figurative plus something else (a sheertone blush I think)

    Lips: Lustre in Hug Me (gorge colour and feel)

    Eyes: all I can remember is that she used ProLash (but she can't have been a very good MUA because my lashes looked like spiders after she was done :roll: ) and three e/s, but I dunno what they were...

    I promise that the next time I have nice pics (that'll be wedding pics then ) I'll find out exactly what was done and try to get some close-ups of eyes etc.

    But for now, hope you like the pics I've posted

    (Edited to add: have now given the password above for anyone who is interested)
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    Finally got into your FOTD, love your lip color .. what color is that ??


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      thank you stressed, you're so sweet

      It was at the Stephen Birch Aquarium and Museum in La Jolla, California - was attending my H2B's conference dinner

      clarins, the lippie is MAC's Lustre in 'Hug Me' - I love it too!


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        hehe agree with Stressed, you look as hot as your nick, pretty eyes and lips!

        MAC lustre in Hug Me looks so great on you!


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          dearie, i need password plssss... open the door sesame!!


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            cutie cutie...... in U.K? Born there or where u from previously?


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              Hey I finally made it thru to view your gorgeous pix! You're hot and fiery all right!


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                Hey sweetie

                I also wan your password to see~~ Cant resist pretty ladies ~~ kekeke


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                  Thank you Glossie! sweetliar I have PMed you - sorry for the delay but I have been away.

                  I will be posting more pics very soon (had my wedding photoshoot last week!), but can't resist letting you know what was used first

                  Face: Clinique Superbalanced foundation in 'Ivory', Clinique loose shimmer powder in '4 - Glow' and '3 - Neutral'

                  Cheeks: Bobbi Brown blusher in 'Blushed'

                  Eyes: MAC 'Retrospeck' (glow) all over lid, MAC 'Espresso' on crease, No. 7 Defining Mascara (eyes were also lined but unfortunately I didn't manage to get the name of the liner that was used)

                  Lips: Clinique 'Neutraliser' lipliner. Clinique 'Sweet Honey' lipstick

                  Will post pics on the album soon!


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                    I have added a few pictures from the wedding photoshoot (makeup as described in previous post) to my FOTD album


                    Password is as before.


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                      hey babe. if you don't mind could i have the password.


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                        hi chilipadi,
                        can i have the password to take a peek?
                        thanks gal!


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                          me too. Can i have it please?


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                            me too...can i have the password please??


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                              Originally posted by twinkle24
                              me too...can i have the password please??
                              Hi Twinkle,

                              Care to do an intro at CozyBabe so that our dear cotters can give you a formal welcome and get to know you better?