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    I never finish anything too. So embarrassed I keep on buying and never finishing up anything. Gotta stop this.


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      Does managing to finish a lipstick cos I lost about 80% when I broke it counts?


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        Paradisco E/s. Never thought i would've seen metal, but i did!


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          Originally posted by burntpinkhair
          Paradisco E/s. Never thought i would've seen metal, but i did!
          Wow! I'm impressed!

          Could you enlighten us, please? What does metal look like? :huh:


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            Having read some of the postings here, I must say that I am very proud that I had actually finished 1 3/4 pans of a bronzey e/s from Px (the shade is Fire) cos it is so versatile that I used it with almost everything the other time. I also used up 3 1/2 sticks of Sweet Honey sheer lippies from Clinique I think that was the time when I wasn't hording so many different make up item yet


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              My magic powder from Prescriptive!!!! It's my very first time finishing such a big tub of powder!!! :sotong: INCREDIBLE!!! must reward myself with a new, big tub of KP micro sheer powder. (haha, that's the whole point of finishing old stuff right? make way for the new babies!)


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                I just finished my Lancome Flextencils. I only finish mascara and eyebrow pencils...either that, i would accidentally break my eyeshadows or compact powders..which happens quite often.


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                  The only makeup items I finish is my T. leclerc loose powder and my foundations..... but they take very long too. Mascara too... but the u need to chuck them every 3-4 months don't you....

                  I have NEVER seen metal on any of my blushers and e/s ... and I'm still buying....


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                    The only makeup items i can finished is loose powder and foundation and automatic eyeliner pencils. I can never finish blusher, e/s, etc.


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                      I've only ever finished foundations, but that too has been a long time.

                      I've also finished concealers. But they do last a long time, and are really value for money.

                      I left a few uses of Paula Dorf's blush in Peek A Boo. And I already have one in stock. :roll: And I am seeing the pan of Chantecaille's Whisper. Then I went on to other blushes.

                      I have used up one lipstick since I used makeup 10+ years ago.

                      As for eyeshadows, I've seen the pan of BB Bone. Then like the Chantecaille blush, I never touched it ever since.

                      It really feels good to finish up something.


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                        Just finished my RMK make up base, I'm so proud of myself! Possibly the first apart from mascaras but erm I can;t really tell when my mascaras are finished. I just assume they are when it's been a couple of months and I;ve been using often.

                        I think its almost impossible to finish stuff like blushes and e/s, in fact i get very happy whenever I see a dip.


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                          Finishing: Traceless foundation
                          Becca /p
                          Fasio and Panda non Mascara
                          4 Stila lip glazes

                          TIME TO PANICK. NO MORE BASE MAKEUP SOON!


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                            I've finish several things, but most of them were before I was really into makeup.

                            ~Aveda Dual Minus Oil foundation in Aster. Finished this a couple of times, it's my holy grail!
                            ~Aveda Dual Minus Oil Blush in Lotus. My holy grail blush, a peachy-pink. Have gone through at least 3 pans (they are kind of small though). Still my HG but I use it a lot less since discovering Shu Glow Ons.
                            ~Aveda e/s in Ore. The perfect basic shimmery brown! I am on my 2nd pan and so depressed because it is discontinued! I swear I have gotten more compliments on my eyes wearing just this color then all the other eyes I have done put together.
                            ~Dior lipstick in Roulette Red. LOVE this true red! Was my HG until I started collecting red lippies.
                            ~I have finished uncounted numberes of Carmex (lip balm). Does that count?
                            ~Just finished a tube of Origins Lip Remedy. My third in four months.


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                              hmm.... some stuff i managed to finish

                              1. lip balm from japan my fren bought, actually there was like 10% left but it fell out of the casing....

                              2. ZA 2 way cake

                              3. ayura blusher

                              quite proud of myself.... keke.......


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                                The fastest thing I have finished is my Neutrogena lip balm since I use it everyday. Next is my Averine pressed powder. I've had my blusher and eyeshadows for more than 2 years and still have not seen metal on them! Wanna buy MAC stuff since you all are raving about it but don't want to clutter my makeup case.