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    I finished:

    a few 2 way cakes that i used to use everyday

    1 Prescriptives pink shimmery stick blusher

    tubes of black mascara from various brands (Loreal, Maybelline, Lancome, Estee Lauder)

    1 light plum with golden shimmers lipgloss from Ayura, which has withdrawn

    1 Lancome juicy tube in Fraise


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      Becca LSC and loose powder i need replacements, desperately!!!!!!!!


      • #48
        - ZA TM
        - Clinique Double Volume Mascara
        - Maybelline Lash Expansion
        - Chanel DPF

        Watson's having 20% discount!
        Gonna stock some ZA TMs.
        Cheap and good!!!

        Besides ZA TM, the rest are all gifts Im hoping so hard they will be used up asap, so that I can buy those stuff Ive been lemming and now they are gone finally!


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          Have finished
          - IPSA protect liquid foundation

          and MAC blot powder was finished when I dropped the casing and the whole powder came apart


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            finally finished my kp powder foundation! i never thought the day would come

            now onto finish my becca & l'oreal concealers..


            • #51
              MAC Zoom Lash
              Shu Mascara Basic
              Za long lash
              Za Volume

              That's how much I finished in 6-8 mths!


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                P&J Dual Powder Foundation, it is my best so far, will get the refill once they have new GWP
                Shiseido Mascara Base (finally can throw this away, found a cheaper and yet comparable alternative from TFS!!)


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                  Umm, I've never finish anything before, except my 2 way foundation!


                  • #54
                    BOURJOIS liquid eyeliner
                    some cheapo eye brown pencils

                    ps: sorry for asknig a real silly question. but how do we know when we finish our mascaras?


                    • #55
                      Guerlain sunblock~! off to my last tube of older version before i can finally try the new version next!


                      • #56
                        My Shu eyebrow pencil


                        • #57
                          Oh no after reading the thread then i realised i have never finish anything Before i can finish them, they are of years already that i think should be throw for hygiene purpose. Will work hard from now on to finish at least one item, that my goal now


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                            Does any one has Cory foundation sample to sell me?
                            Thanks. Do PM me.


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                              Another one here. Took me more than 3 years to finish the Shu hard pencil.

                              Also finished Dramatical mascara.

                              Originally posted by Jing
                              My Shu eyebrow pencil


                              • #60
                                finished the following stuffs:

                                - rmk liquid foundation
                                - rmk creamy m/u base
                                - benefit dandelion
                                - ettusais loose powder
                                - kose sekkisei lotion

                                why did rmk have to move out of singapore?!