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  • Stella by Stella McCartney

    Gucci designer Stella McCartney is turning her hand to modelling to promote her new fragrance. The 31-year-old is appearing in ads for the scent, simply entitled Stella, which she says was inspired by her mum Linda.

    "The biggest inspiration for the perfume - and my own personal goal - was to create a perfume I would want to wear, " she said. "I wanted a smell that reflected my English side, something very traditional." Based on the fragrance of Bulgarian roses, the new perfume is described as "subtle and elegant" and comes in an Art Deco-style amethyst crystal bottle.

    Can you believe it. That's her in that ad? She looks so different don't you think? In a good way.

    I wonder if this scent is ever going to make it to our shores .. :roll:

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    did i read bulgarian roses?

    she sure looks good. i like the flowy movements in the ad. it looks so soft compared to the hard edges of the perfume bottle. beautiful ad.

    and i'm sure it'll hit singapore sooner or later.


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      looks good! and she sure knows how to cut losses and minimize profits by modelling the scent herself lol!


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        with a name like that, it's a perfume atypical must get...right?


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          RIGHT-O! I already "told" my hubby to get it for me.


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            Any idea when Singapore would stock this?


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              I bought my much awaited Stella today! It's now selling in the airport & according to them, will not be availble at departmental stores. 100ml $117, 50ml $81 You know who to look for if you wanna buy.

              The rose is evident but it's a fresh rose bud kinda smell, not the grandmama kind. I don't expect this to last ... great as a day time scent. The packaging is beautiful!


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                Originally posted by atypical
                RIGHT-O! I already "told" my hubby to get it for me.

                good thing it smells GOOD too, i'd hate it if there's a stinky perfume in my name

                ooh and for getting your hands on a bottle finally


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                  Sounds lovely! It's a rose alert Can you take pics of it?? I will love to see the bottle!


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                    Do they have EDP for this?


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                      Ha Meow, definitely no old pillows.

                      I am horrible at describing scents so maybe I'll bring the bottle out with me when we meet next. I'll take pics soon.

                      They're only selling the EDP, would love to have it in the Parfum cos this doesn't last at all ... even like after more then 10 spritzes.


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                        That's the complain of most gals I read from you are not alone How about getting the shower gel/body cream if they have, to do layering if you really want the scent to work for you?

                        Also, you can try apply some unscented body lotion to create some oils on your skin so that the perfume will adhere to your skin better

                        Really hope that this perfume will work better for you!


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                          Nah ... too bad they've only got the EDP and nothing else now. It's okay though that's its so light, great for days when I don't want to jar anyone's senses.


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                            Let's wait for this to be launched in the city then *hope*

                            There's a short writeup on Stella in the latest Cleo.

                            Read from MUA board that a gal bought the pure parfum at US$95 at the NM beauty fair.


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                              US$95!! Yikes! Wonder if that'll last?