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Favorite lip balms?

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  • Favorite lip balms?

    You girls care to share which lip balms you are loving?

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    I finished a tub of AYura Moist wrapping which I like a lot except for it's price.

    Now i'm using Nuxe Honey lip Balm which is not bad and I'm using it day and nite! the smell...


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      I'm loving Nuxe honey Lipbalm for my extremely dry lips ! I only use this before bedtime as this can get pretty waxy and thick. But works its magic really well and i always woke up with nicely moisturised lips.

      I love LSOB's Lip butter too. Very oily and moisturises well. Lovely scents to choose from too. But this can melt easily in hot climates like Singapore's.

      Kiehl's Lip balm works well for the first few days i tried it but it turn my lips itchy, sore and red after that. Would love to love it but then i guess my lips could be sensitive to some ingredients inside it.


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        MAC Lip Conditioner!

        but i suspect it's just a tad better than Vaseline


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          i'm using neutrogena but i don't really like it... hoping to finish it so that i can try others...


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            Neutrogena is the one I'm constantly turning back to. Others i own are Nuxe and Kiehl's.

            Nuxe is matt ( i prefer something glossy) and i use that usually at night when i go to bed. and for its smell.

            Don't quite like Kiehl's coz it has got a funny smell and melts easily.


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              I'm using Crabtree & Evelyn Jojoba lipbalm and TBS Raspberry lip balm. I used to have the Burtsbee's lip balm but lost it after using just afew times. I am going to get it when im back in Singapore if its available. Burtsbee is still my favourite.


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                hmmm.. that reminds me, I have a burt's bee balm in my make up pouch, but I only use it before reapplying my lip colour outside of home.


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                  I like TBS The Last Strawberry lipbalm. Leaves a nice hint of pink on my lips. The price is alright too.

                  Never tried Burtsbee or Nuxe. Are they available locally?


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                    I'm loving KP Night Lip Balm and Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer SPF15. Both i use day and night. Both moisturises well. The former is a bit sticky and it smells good too!


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                      I know I used to rave about my African Mango Super Lipbalm. It's my HG and I was totally shattered when WOM-B closed! Taste yummy, glossy sheen and really really moisturise!

                      Just bought KP NIght lip balm but this doesn't even come close to my African Mango However, it certainly does it job well considering my lips are not so seriously chapped like two days ago. Can improve on its taste...maybe make it yummier! This is definitely one of the better ones I like.

                      MAC lip conditioner is fact, I think Vaseline works better.

                      Have tried many TBS (like to eat it ), drugstore brands but none comes close to my HG...

                      Starcsope-> BUrt's Bee can be found in Family Health and Nuxe in Tangs and "that shop at Caltex house". Can't think of the name off-hand. Gals help!!


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                        I like Nuxe Honeylip balm. I used this overnight and almost always wake up to smoother lips This used to be my HG everynight (used up 3 tub of this) until I discover a cheaper lip balm - TBS grapeseed lip balm. Love the scent and its cheap


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                          I my tbs papaya lib butter!


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                            Nuxe honey lipbalm! My absolute favourite lipbalm!! I think everyone should have this. It really moisturises my dry, chapped lips well and doesn't feel greasy. My lips always feel quite dry if I forget to use this. The only inconvenience is the pot, but I can live with that.

                            During the day, for convenience, I use Clinique Tinited Superbalm. Not quite as moisturising but it gives a tinge of colour and gloss to my lips.

                            Have also tried Smith's Rosebud Salve but it's just like Rose scented Vaseline. Coats the outer layers of the lips but doesn't really moisturise, so my lips start to peel after a while :roll:


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                              Nuxe can be found at Tangs and NC Essentials (International Plaza, Caltex House etc)