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  • Grey, Black Eyeshadows

    Some of us are looking for pretty greys e/s...

    Roll in your beautiful greys e/s here.

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    Timely thread!
    I KP S17...but i can't bear to use it often :jester

    Any other soft smoky grey e/s around?


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      I KP S17, too. There's also the Stila Apres Ski Trio.


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        Apres Ski for nicely smoky but not overly drama smoky eyes! Unique dirty grey that looks clean on eyes.

        Stila Mod for everyday grey, clean & refreshing & can load up for smokiness.


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          How about other brands like Visee, PN, MAC, etc??


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            Mac Electra
            Stila Pewter


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              I love greys since as a teenager... found it very classy

              UD: Spare Change; Strip (makes some of the nicest shimmery greys)
              MAC e/s: Sleepy morning (matt blue grey with blue irridescence)
              Lancome #133: When is the stock coming?

              MAC Paints: Existentialism, Graphito (gunmetal blacks)
              Stila: Pewter (shimmery gunmetal)
              Cosme de Corte (?) the shimmery colours are quite spectacular!

              Coloured Smokes:
              Too Faced Villain / MAC Contrast (twins) : violet tinged blackest blue
              MAC Greensmoke/Lancome Jungle Fever (twins): oily sheen shimmery blackened green
              UD Mildew: oily bright intense cool green (Waaaaaah I WANT this!)

              I usually blend in the smokey shade into coloured highlights to create coloured smokey eyes, so I'm happy with just having plain greys and blacks and tons of coloured e/s


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                KP S17.

                Armani #23 - soft dove grey. Hope I got the e/s number right!

                MAC Idol Eyes - very unique silvery-lilac-grey with shimmer.

                I used to own Stila Pewter but could never get it to work for me. Looked too hard and brassy on my eyes.


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                  timely thread! i'm also looking for greys and silvers and smokes!

                  my favourites (greys):
                  stila apres ski
                  KP S17

                  probably will get Stila Mod #2

                  how about shimmery greys? any suggestions for that?


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                    I love greys and silver for the ultimate smokey look too! Some of my faves:

                    KP S17
                    MAC Electra
                    MAC Dig It! eye kohl - I draw a thicker line and smudge, love it!
                    Stila Pewter - better for lining
                    MAC Platinum pigment


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                      Stila Apres Ski!


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                        For soft satiny blue-grey I like MAC Early Morning, added glitter version would be Napoleon Blue Mist eyeshadow.

                        And for sexy smoky eyes: Stila Storm. Just use shimmery white eyeshadow (eg MAC White Frost) allover and line with black kohl (eg MAC Phone Number), topped with Stila Storm then smudge smudge blend blend and walah.. you're done!! Oh, heavily mascara-ed eyes is a must too!!

                        My fave duo greys is YSL #11: Black Pearl/Grey Mother-of-Pearl.


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                          Dol, from Kose Visee, although not grey, I like BR 307 e/s single.

                          It?s deep:
                          A dark black-brown colour with richness far beyond most dark eyeshadows I?ve seen.

                          It?s silky:
                          One swipe of this with your brush or ring finger and you?ll see how finely-milled it is.

                          It?s highly-pigmented:
                          Just a miniscule dip with your brush and you lift off concentrated colour instantly.

                          It?s uniquely shimmery:
                          It contains pretty multi-coloured, fine glitter that has none of the grittiness so often associated with glitter.

                          Will give you MAC recs later


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                            definitely stila apres ski and mod look #2. beautiful greys that are perfect for the smokey eyes look. KP S17 too although it's more silverish.

                            Shu has some nice greys from the ME series too. 944 and 945 are both lovely.


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                              hi all,
                              for a beginner like me...what kind of e/s colors i should start off with ?
                              which are the recommended brands ?
                              i have never tried to put on e/s before