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Drugstore loot...Cheap but just as good!

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  • Drugstore loot...Cheap but just as good!

    Hi !

    I remembered reading a thread sometimes back about low-end brands which works just as well, if not better than their high-end counterparts. I thought we should re-visit this topic especially with the CPF cuts and reduced spending budgets.

    Kindly contribute good and economical brands of cosmetics and skincare products which work well for you !

    For me, i like Sunkiller SPF50 in clearwater. Was using IPSA's sunblock before this and while it might be slightly lighter than Sunkiller, the hefty price-tag is a big push factor for me, especiallu i'm very generous with sunblock on my face and hands. Sunkiller works well for me and is economical! I love the price.

    Next brand that i can think of is Eucerin. Thanxs to a lovely here who inrtoduced this brand to me for my dry and itchy skin, i get to know such an effective brand. Not exactly cheap for a drugstore(price ranges from $10+ to $30) but this delivers the work. I love the Shower bath oil which never fail to calm my sensitive skin down. Next on my to-try list would be its moisturiser. It seems to be a heavy duty moisturiser but it has a slightly chemical scent which is deterring me. I love to smell foody and nice with my body moisturiser. But if on a low budget, i will get it !

    A great liquid foundation that is dirt-cheap would be Jane Stay Calm foundation. I used up my Chantecaille and hate to enter that infamous store in town and tried this out when it arrives in a swap and discovered that i really love it. My combination skin type loves this and while some high-ends brands like GA oxidises badly on me, this one don't. And since it is so cheap, i got both Buffy and fair Enough and mix them together to get my perfect colour tone. I'm in with this darling.

    Any other great economical recommendations ? Let's help one another to save money !!!

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    If you are looking for a really gentle cleanser for sensitive skin, I recommend Cetaphil Gentle cleanser. It's really cheap at abt $13+ for 500ml. It is not made for makeup removal, so you need a separate makeup remover. Cetaphil works great as a morning cleanser when your skin is free from makeup, except your night cream etc. Cetaphil does not leave your skin feeling tight or irritate it further. As i have sensitive skin, Cetaphil is really suitable, especially after facials/manual extractions when the skin is highly sensitive.

    Vaseline is also a great multi-purpose product. I apply a thin layer over my lips every night before i sleep and it keeps my lips moisturised in the dry air-con room. I've heard of people applying a thin layer over the skin as vaseline traps moisture in the skin. But i've not tried this before, my skin is too oily for this. For those with dry/very dry skins, do try this and let us know the results?
    You can also use this as a night undereye moisturiser.
    Vaseline can also be applied on lashes to thicken it, making it more luscious and darker.


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      Cleanser - Cetaphil ($18 - although prices have been increasing! )

      Foundation : Jane Stay Calm foundation (~US$3.99)

      Eyeshadow : Jane Eyezings (~US$2.99)

      Lip balm: Vaseline

      Loose Powder: Sonia Kashuk (US$9.99)

      Brushes: Sonia Kashuk (US$2.99-9.99)
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        Drug store that works great for me:
        (1) Nivea Eye cream - minimise my lines, I can see difference in a week!

        (2) Loreal Eye make up remover for water proof eye make up

        (3) Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser - try to get it at NSC if you can

        (4) Loreal Perfect White facial foam - great when I have light make up as it can remove the make up too!


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          -Loreal Eye make up remover for water proof eye make up

          -Comodynes MU removing wipes



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            Lip balm: Vaseline
            Eyeshadow: Jane eyezing
            Foundation: Jane stay calm
            Moisturiser: [email protected] tofu
            Mask: [email protected] bright treatment

            Here's something to share with everyone save me money


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                Originally posted by kintra
                hi all, sorry to digress, but i was wondering where i can get the jane's stay calm foundation? Thx in advance.
                It's only available in the US.


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                  drug store wonders

                  second Nivea Q10 eye creme ! i don't have a wrinkle problem [YET!] but i like that it is light enough yet slightly cooling upon application. a very good basic eye creme -- just what i am looking for

                  L'Oreal Blush Delice in Rose Bonne Minne ( gives a natural glow!)

                  L'Oreal SPF 20 fluid (my HG sunscreen has arrived!)

                  Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal mask

                  Neutrogena lip moisturizer


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                    hi.. i've been looking everywhere for the vaseline lip balm but i just can't seem to find it... Not even watsons or guardian...

                    can any of the ladies tell me where to get it?


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                      try your neighbourhood chinese medical hall... or NTUC, Cold Storage... and other pharmacies...
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                        are you looking for vaseline or vaseline lipbalm? vaseline should be available in any drugstore. the lipbalm shouldn't be hard to find too.


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                          Originally posted by BrEnDa
                          hi.. i've been looking everywhere for the vaseline lip balm but i just can't seem to find it... Not even watsons or guardian...

                          can any of the ladies tell me where to get it?
                          You can only find this at NTUC pharmacy and maybe those small shops in People's park


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                            Loreal Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
                            Loreal Pure Blush in Pure Rose (old packaging)
                            Loreal Translucide Liquid Foundation
                            Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara
                            Maybelline Moisture Whip Lipstick
                            Johnson and Johnson pH 5.5 Cleansing Lotion
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                              soooo many great drugstore items:

                              1. L'Oreal haircare
                              2. Cetaphil cleanser
                              3. Za 2-way foundation
                              4. L'Oreal Blush Delice
                              5. Maybelline Pure Blush (old packaging)
                              6. Maybelline Volume Express Waterproof mascara
                              7. Maybelline Full and Soft Waterproof mascara
                              8. L'Oreal Quickstick foundation
                              9. Avene skincare for sensitive skin
                              10. Nivea cleansing milk
                              11. Nivea bodycare
                              12. J&J cleansing clothes
                              13. J&J baby bath
                              14. Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds lipstick
                              15. L'Oreal Shine Declice lipstick
                              16. Sally Hansen nailpolish
                              17. Fasio nailpolish
                              18. Canmake lipgloss
                              19. Revlon Skinlights
                              20. Vaseline lipbalm (but i hate the scent)
                              21. Burt's Bees (not drugstore but at $6, it's drugstore price!)
                              22. J&J Baby Oil
                              23. Lavenus haircare
                              24. Kiss Me sunscreen