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    Do you have any fav skincare brand?

    Mine, at this point in time (i'm fickle ) is Estee Lauder. I've only tried Idealist Serum and Scrub plus Eyzone Repair Gel from this brand, and of the 3, only the scrub and eyegel is useful to me (I the eye gel). But I love their service. The first impression wasn't good, for the SAs seemed distant and grumpy. But they're truly helpful and friendly to questions, and I prefer sincerity over fake bubbliness This is one of the few brands which give good sincere service, directly from the SAs, ie, one need not approach the management level Though I like the eyegel and scrub, I feel that Simple's eye cream and aspirin scrub can achieve the same results, and at far cheaper prices. But due to the good service, I'm willing to continue buying. Plus the range of products is enormous thus it's a pleasure exploring and experimenting.

    HABA is good too. I've finished a bottle of their body lotion and it. I didn't much fancy the SA's customer service, but the japanese lady boss is excellent - in product knowledge, customer service and salesmanship. I was ready to renounce the brand following a bad reaction from the washing powder, but due to the customer recovery skills of the lady boss, I'm happy to continue to try other products.

    Biotherm's products have never worked for me plus their SAs not only appeared untrained (I'm better versed in their products than them! :roll: ), but possess atrocious customer service skills as well :piss:
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    i'm using their serums and moisturizers that i got in swaps or at discount stores/DFS and my skin has never felt better! i'm using d-stress nuit, hydra-detox lotion, aquasource lotion, white detox night serum, anti-aging serum...the only item i'm not really impressed with is source therapie

    i also like the Celluli-Choc, Eau Vitaminee body scrub and hydra-detox eye gel

    i find their cleansers, toners, and masks to be average - i use Avene for these products

    haven't been to the counter but plan to on Tangs 12% debate day to replenish all my stash when they run out in a few months!


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      Well, for me, my favourite brand always changes over time. But at the moment, my favourite is Paula's Choice. I'm using the Blemish Fighting solution and the 1% BHA solution. I used to have little tiny bumps on my forehead and pimples problems during winter. After using the products, they seemed to be gone. Also, when i wake up in the morning, my face is not oily like before. I've since skipped my favourite Origins moisturiser for this.

      I've yet to try PC other products but would plan to do that when i'm back to Singapore soon. But then again, my skin seemed to get immune to a product after some time. So, i would have to change my skincare when it happens to PC. :huh:


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        For now it should be Cetaphil and Paula's Choice cleansers! But im also fickle minded... always feel like trying out new stuff.. And now the Shiseido Pureness range just caught my eye.. but the price is holding me back!


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          I love Biotherm too. Practically drink their Celluli-Choc for my "thousand year old" cellulite.

          But I also agree on the lack of knowledge of their SAs. I have to tell them what products suit what skin. :roll: They don't even bother to remember their regulars like me. To think I spend obscene amt everytime I visit them!


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            mine are Derma Rx (R Cream and CF are my staples now) and Paula's Choice.

            I think I can stick to these two brands for life.


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              Currently its SKII.

              Actually, I find biotherm's stuff very horrible too... Very bad in product knowledge (sometimes give weird explanations) and very reluctant to exchange products even though I had an allergy.

              There's only one biotherm SA that I like- Ann from Metro Paragon. At least she remembers the regulars like me and she's friendly too. Maybe you can try buying from her the next time.


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                my faves are Origins, Chanel and DRX.

                i love the au-naturel scents of Origins and how soothing and mild their products are. right now, i'm in love with the NADM cleanser (though most people hate it! ) and Constant Comforter Moisturiser.

                Chanel also has very gentle, soothing products that work pretty well. i especially like their cleanser, makeup remover (biphase one for eyes) and moisturiser. too bad about the price!

                as for DRX, most of the products are pretty decent. but my Holy Grail is Comedone Formula which is a godsend. i also like their sunblock, Blemish Formula, Intensive Moisturiser and Blemish Formula.

                but all three above are really expensive!

                occasionally, i use The Body Shop when i'm broke.


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                  My Faves are Biotherm, Kose, DRX and KP!!


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                    I'm very fickle when it comes to skincare. I used to switch even before I've finished my cleanser/toner/moisturiser etc. But I've been using Darphin for close to one year and amazingly haven't been tempted by any other skincare. That's how good it is. In fact with the exception of my eye cream, all my other skincare items are from Darphin.


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                      I simply adore Kose! After miracle results from Sekkisei cream and Intelligence Activer I, I fell in love with the brand and will be my no.1 choice in skincare brand.

                      I also love Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Biotherm and Clarins.


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                        I'm loyal to my Cetaphil!


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                          have been using SKII for about 18 months now! thought of switching since it's so expensive, but so reluctant to "rock the boat" since I don't want to risk breakouts and such!

                          the only skincare that i keep switching is the eyecare! currently using EL ex whitelight one only because it has SPF!


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                            I'm fickle when it comes to skincare brands as well.

                            Was loyal to Biotherm when it was first launched. It really did wonders for my skin. was using Biosource range and this clears up my pimples. Sadly, my skin reached a plateau with Biotherm.

                            Subsequently, have used Paula's Choice (so-so, nothing fantastic IMO).

                            Moved on to Natura Bisse. My one-time HG was their Glyco Balance.

                            Now, there's no ONE favourite skincare line. I use a wide array of brands and used anything that can be found in the bathroom that belongs to my aunt, mom and sis

                            I do DrX CF,BF and Rejuvenator! After trying out HABA's cleansing powder, I really wouldn't mind going back and try more of their products!


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                              Originally posted by ataraxia
                              Chanel also has very gentle, soothing products that work pretty well. i especially like their cleanser, makeup remover (biphase one for eyes) and moisturiser. too bad about the price!
                              ccasionally, i use The Body Shop when i'm broke.
                              Xue, I second your choice of Chanel but I actually find that their prices are much cheaper than EL, CD, YSL, Lancome..etc. Perhaps it's because they don't do GWPs like most do.