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  • Averine

    Anyone tried their products?

    Averine website
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    Hi dolphin, I'm currently using their concealor and pressed powder. I find both items good... worth a try! Plus they dun cause my skin to break out.


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      i feel like trying their concealer too! Sunflower, what's the texture like? will it start to cake after some time? Just curious.. what shade (for the concealer)are you using now? and where'd you buy your Averine pdts from?


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        Hi princess, didn't see your reply till now! The averine concealer is in lipstick form, its creamy when it goes onto my skin then I just blend it in. At first I thought that it looked rather weird cos it was a shade darker than my skin. It seemed abit yellow. The shade I have is Medium. After putting on the pressed powder, it blended perfectly! I got my Averine products from a salon in AMK which does facials using Dermalogica products. The concealer costs about $30. But I'm hoping that there is a website that I can get my Averine products from which will be cheaper.


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          i tried their liquid foundation...hmm... oil control is so-so. main reason i tried their foundation becos it's non-Comedogenic. and i'm still couldn't get use to wearing foundation, so i only used it once or twice. btw, any idea where to get their pdts in singapore??

          guess this should be their offical website:


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            Posting this on behalf of one of our favourite SAs, Faithe/Ivanna- (exKP, now Shu SA)..

            Faithe'll be able to get 10% off Averine products. Anyone interested? She needs to get at least 10 items to enjoy the discount.. so if there are enough interested parties, I'll start a thread at CosySpree.


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              heard that they r very good for oily skin. was recommended by my facialist but was rather skeptical abt it.. any info? thanks


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                cherrybomb, i suppose it's good for oily skin becoz of its non-Comedogenic formula.


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                  I've tried their foundation before, however it was not very effective in oil-controlling, within a few hours, my T-zone got really oily.

                  Thus it might not be too suitable for people with oily, combi skin type.


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                    Averine foundation

                    Hi Gem! I don't believe I have welcomed you to CC yet. Welcome!

                    Anyways. Can you tell me about the coverage of the foundation? I happen to like my foundations sheer, and oil-control is not top on my priority list in my hunt for a good foundation.

                    Oh yes, BTW, the foundation on the webbie is supposed to be moisturising. That's why I thought it's not very suitable for oily skins. Are you referring to the same one, Gem?

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                      Re: Averine foundation

                      Hi Glossie!

                      the coverage of this foundation is pretty sheer, in fact i find it hardly covering some of my blemishes. and YES, it is a rather moisturising foundation, so you probably can discount that for oil control. HTHs!
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                        does averine have tinted moisturiser? or are they just selling makeup products?


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                          I think averine has both liquid and powder foundation. R all of them not gd? or *** the liquid foundation?

                          Thought of getting it but dunno which to choose. Wanted to get the liqiud one initially but after viewing some of the bad reviews i decided not. How much does their foundation cost roughly?

                          Thanks in advance!!!


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                            i've the loose powder, bought it mainly 'cos it's supposed to be good for sensitive skins. it's just a basic LP, slight coverage but good thing is no break outs. no oil control properties too. comes in a 20g silver tub for $50+.


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                              i bought a rather dark shade of the pressed powder last week

                              i just bought the averine smoothing compact foundation, which is ok and a lighter shade of pressed powder. but the lighter shade seems too pinkish as in contrast to my neck while the darker shade is simply too dark.

                              as for the texture, i like it a lot.

                              is it possible to use 2 shades at a go?