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    Read about EL Idealist Micro-D Deep Thermal Refinisher in Her world and it sure sounds really good. You leave your face wet, spread it on like a mask, and it will self-heat upon contact with water. Then massage throughly before rinsing off. And the supposed results? Your face will be left incredibly smooth, refined, soft and moist, with no tight feeling. Wow.

    Anyone tried? Reviews on this one?

    Have you tried any other effective self-heating masks worthy of recommending?

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    have not tried this yet

    but i've tried the haba 2 way jelly before. it's also a thermal mask, helps to open up your pores, so you can squeeze out all your blackheads


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      Ayura also has a thermal mask, but i didn't really like it!


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        Actually, I wanted to buy it in early Sept, but the SA in the EL counter told me that it is not suitable for sensitive and Acne-pro skin because it will worsen the condition. So that, be careful when you want to purchase it. Ask more details how it works and the effects too. I will recommend you go to the EL counter in CK Tangs because I find the SAs in most of the comestic counters are more friendly than others. That's why I prefer to shop there always.
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          Thanks for the replies
          Hmm....maybe I'll drop by haba again one of these days and also the EL counter at CK Tangs to speak to SA personally.


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            Good luck, Sweetmango.


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              this sounds interesting Chris. do feedback!


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                I passed by EL counter in Bugis Junction today (dropped by to pick up KP's stuff).

                I just put a thin coat on the back of my palm. My palm was dry, not wet. within a min, I could already feel a warm sensation coming up. This mask is supposed to react with water to generate heat. The texture is creamy grainy type. The grains feel very very fine.

                I told the SA I have skin reaction towards EL's Idealist and whether I can use this scrub. She advise that I don't use it as it will most likely cause another reaction on my skin too...sigh...I am really tempted by its "blackheads removal story" in Chinese Newspaper.

                I asked the SA whether there is any sample for this product so that I can try to see if I will be allergic to it. Unfortunately they have none.


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                  oh, i accompanied my friend to CK Tangs to get it last week... the SA tried on my hand too- with water and all... my skin is quite sensitive so i felt that the grains were quite rough on my skin... but my hand really looked smoother and more radiant immediately! The SA said she tried the product and she really likes it... asked my friend how she found the product but she said she has only used once as she is too lazy to use it.... :roll: i am a little worried as whether it will my skin worse as its acne prone... but i guess if you have relatively clear skin that is not sensitive, it should work for you! (but i am a little sceptical that they said its exactly like microdermabrasion)
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                    I actually bought the EL Idealist Micro-D Deep Thermal Refinisher so I want to share my experiences with you gals. I have combination + sensitive skin. When the SA tried it on the back of my hand, with water et al., I didn't feel any "sensation". He told me that there would be a "warm" feeling but I honestly couldn't feel it. The skin texture on the back of hand looked smooth after I tested it so I decided to buy it. Big mistake #1. At home, after I cleanse my face, I tried it on and yes, it starting to have a "warm" tiggle but it soon turned into a full blown burning sensation ! I wanted to wash it off but was thinking - well, I was told to expect something warm - thought maybe it was me being sensitive so I left it on. Big mistake #2. By the time I washed it off (based on the stipulated time to leave it on the face), it was too late. My face was really "burning" and it was red. The reddness didn't subside for a few days. Nothing helped (well, except Chantacaille's serum and jasmine healing mask). It eventually started to itch and peel really badly. I returned the product the very next day. So, regardless of your skin type, I strongly recommend that you ask for a sample, and just try it on a small part of you face first before spending $ on a full size tube and using it on the entire face. Hope this helps !


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                      Oh dear, I have no idea this EL thermal mask is so strong, then perhaps I won't get it. My skin is usually too sensitive to take most physical scrubs, can only use exfoliating creams.


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                        Originally posted by j0s1e267
                        I actually bought the EL Idealist Micro-D Deep Thermal Refinisher ....strongly recommend that you ask for a sample, and just try it on a small part of you face first before spending $ on a full size tube and using it on the entire face. Hope this helps !
                        Hope your face is back to normal now.

                        I did try it on my hands when it first came out. Much as I liked the smoothness of my hand after using, I didn't like the warm feeling (and I did feel it). It's a novel idea and I would have bought it if it's to be used on my body but where my face is concerned, I don't think I'll like any sensations at all


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                          Hi, all. I had asked for the sample from the EL counter in CK Tangs before. But as some of u said, they dun have sample for that. The SA did the demostration on my hand. I could feel some warm and my hand was smooth after the "MicroDermal" effect.

                          I must reminder u all again: if u have really sensitive and Acne-pro skin, please dun try on ur face. It will make ur breakouts and sensitive face more worse. This is what the SA told me and asked me dun take the risk. Luckily, she told me the truth , so that I didn't buy the product.

                          j0s1e267, did the SAs there allow u to exchange to other products?


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                            hi kare, yeah, thankfully my face is back to normal now but abit sensitive still took me about a week or so to recover, very traumatic !!!

                            shon, actually i managed to return it and got my $ back i totally agree with you - anyone with sensitive skin needs to proceed with extreme caution. some risks are not worth taking.

                            i actually never used to have sensitive skin but that all changed after one other similar incident 2 yrs ago that's another story for another time


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                              EL Thermal Mask

                              Hi Gals,

                              Just abit of intro abt myself,i just join this forum and i just love it so much, its so informative and interesting.

                              I had try the EL Micro-D and same as others who had tried this product,i have combo skin but after using the next day my skin start peeling especially near the nose area (Hehe Cos i scrub quite hard,thinking my blackheads will disappear ) Therefore, overall its quite hush on the skin.