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    Sorry if this is a repeated thread, but I did a search and can't find similar thread on Body & Soul.

    This is actually a newsletter I received from Escentials. Some of you might be interested

    E'Jay, international trainer and beauty director of Body & Soul (B&S), and his team of specially trained make-up artistes will be in town for private consultations and make-over sessions.

    This is only with purchase of $50 worth of B&S products, from 20 - 30 September. By appointment only. (Tel: 67342122)

    Purchase $80 worth of cosmetics from Escentials and receive a complimentary nail art service.

    Some info on E'Jay: He has over 20 years of experience with YSL, Christian Dior and has worked on L'Atelier shows. He was also consultant to Clarins and Revlon.
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    OK, so I checked out the Face Glow. Shades are limited, maybe about 5 colours available. There should be a bronze one.

    I rubbed one pinkish salmonish one on the back of my hand. It's quite hard, not creamy at all. You hafta keep rubbing more in and then blend like crazy to get it to spread nicely. Colour's quite nice, though.

    There's one which is transparent. This merely shows up like Chanel's Flash Fluid - clear and glowy. Don't know how it's going to show up on a prepared face with TM or foundation. I confided in the SA, "I'm not going to pay $50 for something that doesn't show up!" She actually concurred. Ha ha.


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      Body & Soul in SaSa Holland V

      Hi there,

      Would expect to find some review on Body&Soul but this only comes close.

      BTW, the brand is available at Sasa holland V, though I suspect not the entire range.



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        I like their powder foundation. Though it is not meant for those with drier skins (unless you really prep your face with moisturisers, primer before application)


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          Re: Body & Soul in SaSa Holland V

          Originally posted by CaramelGirl
          Would expect to find some review on Body&Soul but this only comes close.
          Thanks for the info, Caramel! I wrote a review on the liquid foundation on Purrs. I think the body powder is also popular. The shimmer is quite quiet, not very loud.


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            anymore reviews?

            hi gals,

            any comments on body & soul products?

            last month, i bought a <b>body & soul lipglow</b> (shade: <font color=ff6666>lucky 7</font>) in malaysia (tangs studio) during one of my "just because" shopping sprees.

            i absolutely love the colour... (ok i admit, i fell in love with the cute vintage metal container first).

            now i'm lemming their <font color=009999><b>gigi vanity case</b></font>...

            anyone tried their eyeshadows and/or other products before? any reviews? please share...


            - crazygirl


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              Hey! I have that! My fren gave it to me as a gift. At first I didn't really like the colours they have.

              But after reading the instructions and playing around with it, it is pretty cool!!


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                thanks for the review honeyjar

                - crazygirl


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                  I was surfing at Sephora and gets to know more abt their brand. Anyone tried the new dual end lipgloss? seem promising.


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                    any review on the product for this brand?


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                      faylistic, are you plotting what to buy fr the luxasia sale? hehehe...

                      *just kiddin'*


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                        Brief Update on B&S Sales Items :

                        the list is superb but quantity is pathetic


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                          haha.. trying to do some "research" before the "big day". incase i miss out any MUST HAVE there. seems like their lippi is so-so only.


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                            gals, what else is nice for this brand?? I bought their aqua eyeliner (which doubles up as an eyeshadow) at the sale today and its very good! Got a sponge on the end. if u use the wet sponge n draw the eyeliner, the color will turn out more vibrant! And u can use the sponge to spread the color as eyeshadow as well.


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                              i bought the lip glow (nectar , delicate)and aqua eye liner from the luxasia sale.... tried all prdts already..heres my review:

                              Lipglows can be doubled up as lipstain n tinted lipbalm. not as glossy as mac , has moisturizing effect. not so sticky as well.

                              Nectar - Looks abit red from pot , but when applied its more like coral/peachy-red. the more applications , the brighter it is.

                              Delicate - Looks soft shimmer pink from pot , when applied is a sweet pink shade , this colour leaves a more moisturizing effect on lips (dont know why??) and it's very lasting. more than 4hrs , colour still stayed on my lips. loving it!!

                              the bad: the trouble and hassle of either using lipbrush to apply the lippie or dipping your fingers into it. :Doh:

                              Aqua Eye liner can be used wet and dry. comes with sponge applicator and sharpener!! i bought "Seduce" , its khaki gold when dry , when used wet.. the colour just lights up beautifully!! will turn into platinum gold eyeshadow with hint of green base. smokey look immediately!! very easy to use also. regret not buying more..

                              anyone selling their aqua eye liner.. do lmk!!