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    Hello everybody,

    I'm new here but really need some information regarding the Dermatological New Skin Treatment by Apex Cosmeceutical (S'pore).

    Just wonder have anyone of you tried their treatment before?


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    Never heard of this before ..

    Anyway, welcome to CC! It'll be lovely if you could do a little intro at CozyBabes ... I am sure the rest of the Cotters here would want to know a little about you & welcome you properly.


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      Thanks for your welcome!!!
      I did an intro of myself at cozybabes already.
      I'm suffering from acnes and acnes scars.
      So I was wondering will that treatment helps cuz I have never try any facials before.
      Really hope someone out there know something about the above treatment.



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        Hi everyone,

        I'm back!
        I went for Apex new-skin treatment and is very satisfied with the results.
        My acne problems are gone and my acne scars lighten too.
        I spent less than $1000 for their 3 new-skin treatments and products. There is no hard-selling at all!



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          Anyone tried the branch at Jurong east? If so any good facialist to recommend?

          Is their facial good? I had pretty sensitive and acne prone skin, thought may want to try their facial. After their facial will your face become very red?

          Thanks in advance!!!!


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            Is anyone here using Nardia Lab's Products?

            It's originally from Singapore. Here's the website:


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              same as Apex Cosmeceutical???


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                Oh yes. I didn't notice that there's already a thread on it!

                Thanks for informing me.


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                  hmmm so apex & nardia they are the same or just that they are under the same company??......


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                    Apex have their own DS1 products to complement with the New Skin treatments. They also sell some of the products from Nardia. I think they are two separate companies, just that Apex uses some products from Nardia.


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                      u have been to apex or nardia to do treatment??.......Just 1 treatment and all ur acne problems are gone???? :eh:


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                        I went Apex to do the New Skin treatment. I tried their New Skin treatment package. Each package consists of 3 treatments. Each treatment lasts for 1 week. That means within that week u need to go back 3 times. One treatment per month. I done 3 treatments in 3 months and now face no more acne and previous acne scars also lightened. Need to buy their products to complement the treatment. Different people have different skin conditions. So some may need more than 3 treatments. If anyone want to go for this treatment, better consult the Apex staffs since they will be able to give u more professional advice.
                        Hope this link give more info for those interested:


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                          does anyone know Nadia is copy from Rachel , Rachel is the original product from Paris.I use to be using Rachel product after they copy from Rachel change to Nadia quite alot of different, the price is expensive too,same price with Rachel ,i think if they copy from Rachel they suppose lower the price.


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                            DS.1(tried last year when my face got a sudden outbreaks, big inflamed pimples)
                            Tried their Purifying Comedo Essence(15ml), make my face kinda of shiny at first but after a few times, it seemed to absorb well. Funny smell, maybe was because of those natural extracts.Results: the next day, pimples soothed down quite alot but never really helped to heal. Really helped for white heads(oil bumps) but blackheads soso only. Purchased a second one and use it once awhile now).
                            Also bought Blemish Control Cream(15ml). Yes, it helped but was so oily and shiny. Cannot take it. I think their products not too bad, actually was thinking trying their whitening products but because of the stickness the blemish cream caused, I gave out.
                            Anybody here tried the whitening products? Seems like their products give results, just some minus points.


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                              i only use the Comendo Essence... can see that the blackhead coming out, you just need to push gentlely and it came out.

                              i will use its full range product soon... i will take my photo which close up my face before i use the product. if it is really effective i will post up my before and after picture. i will give myself 3 months time!