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    What is the best hydrating mask you've ever used? Any HG ones? I'm looking for something that hydrates effectively without over-moisturising, something that does wonders for the dehydrated parts of my face.

    Any particular ones to avoid?

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    Glenda recommended this Nuxe one, supposed to be her HG, i used once only, so far, ok la, u might like to try this, $39 only

    <img src="">


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      Does slapping on La Mer count???


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        Originally posted by Joce7878
        Does slapping on La Mer count???! I tried La mer before, but its too rich for me, gave a little breakout. And I can't bring myself to rinse it off after application like a mask


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          Have you tried Clinique's Moisture surge as a mask?

          And I find collagen facials or masks have very good plumping effect on me. Maybe you can try the Kanebo packet whitening mask in the Blue box from Sasa. The orange version which was sold of Wom-B really worked for me. Not sure if the Blue version can give the similar hydrating effect. Think about $18 for a box of 5.


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            I like the Nuxe one too. It works very well for me. Just enough moisture without being too rich. I prefer the Nuxe one to my Dermalogica's hydrating mask though that one works well on me as well. Clarins's hydrating mask (forgot the name) works well for me as well...


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              Mango, i just got some Dior samples from a lovely MA. Will keep you posted on how the hydrating mask goes. Watch out for this space.


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                Great thread! I'd love more info too. What I've tried so far:
                1. Clarins Revitalising Moisture Mask - worked quite well
                2. Fango Delicato - not fantastic; better for use on the body
                3. Korres Honey Mask - OK

                I feel sheet masks seem to give more hydration; perhaps it's merely instant gratification there and then, with the essence soaked in the sheets. To think I used to think such a concept shouldn't work (esp in the case of eye masks). Those I've tried and which worked well:
                1. Sk-II FT mask
                2. Ettusais whitening mask (not the acne-formula one)
                3. Fancl White mask
                4. Kose/Kanebo ones from SaSa (ok for their cheap prices)

                Anyone tried YSL Optimum Hydration mask?


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                  Thanks for the many replies ladies! Keep them coming in!


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                    i remember using this clarins hydra something mask..
                    its pretty good, the next day after using this, i find my t-zone less oily! surprise surprise. cost about $49 like this. not sure if there's price hike.

                    another hydrating mask i use is avene instant soothing mask. hydrating and soothing.


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                      Originally posted by Glossie
                      I think Farahdean posted under some other thread about Origins' Drink Up. This is on my wishlist but I have too many masks now before I get to this one (not forgetting many other wishlist masks!) Have to deliberate long and hard before I part with the money..
                      yah the Origins Drink Up mask used to be Farah's HG. don't know if it still is.

                      i've only ever tried Lancome Souplesse - Masque Rehydratant Intense. slapped it on while i soaked in a bath for 30 over min so can't be sure if the moisturising effect is from the mask or the bath!


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                        One reminder tip (thanks to Paphio) for everyone: don't skip the exfoliation step before you mask. The process prepares your skin for better absorption of the mask's properties. And: do it GENTLY.

                        I've also heard plenty about H2O's Oasis but this receives mix reviews. It should work like Clinique's Moisture Surge.


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                          i used to use origins drink up, does a good job. but i've since switched to darphin's intral mask. very soothing and works well to hydrate my skin during the cold dry winter. it can even be used on your eye area.

                          clinique moisture surge (the one in a tub) can be used as both a moisturiser and mask so you might wanna consider that if u need a moisturiser too.

                          oh and one thing about hydrating masks, i was told that you should never rinse it off with water coz the water is drying for the skin, especially in cold dry weather. instead you should just dampen cotton pads in water/toner and use them to wipe the remaining mask off.


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                            New here. =)

                            Anyway, Clinique's moisture surge is prob. the best hydrator I've ever tried. Its not enough to be used as moisturizer alone but for those with oily skins, its prob. good enough.

                            If you slap on a thick layer on yr face, it acts as a very good hydrating mask, and will get absorbed into your skin very fast.

                            I find Origins drink up a bit oily for my combi-oily skin...



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                              rong rong?
                              yay you finally made it here!