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  • Black cherry nail polish

    Chanel's Rouge Noir isn't dark and intense enuff...isn't this shade supposed to be Vamp?? I thought i remember it as being a deep black cherry red, but was at the counter today (bought sculpting brow pencil-love it!!) and it was a dark maroon.

    Any ideas where i can find my dream black cherry shade?
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    My rouge noir nail polish looks really black cherry, leaning more towards black than maroon, but I apply two coats each time. How many coats did you try on?

    Also I noticed a variation in colours of Chanel's Nail Polishes in different countries?

    OT: I bought a Flocon in Sydney and it looks absolutely white pearl. But I've seen it in europe, hongkong and singapore and they look pink-tinted-pearl! I was so upset by this because the latter looks so much better than my blah-looking white pearl.

    If you're looking for a black-looking cherry, how about trying a black-looking berry? OPI's Black Tie Optional looks truely black but berry-toned on your nails. Very beautiful in my opinion. Hope this helps!


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      I was gonna recommend chanel vamp too! Mine is pretty much dark cherry red...but I got mine from the states. I also always apply 2 coats.


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        I have Chanel 18 Rouge Noir too and it's pretty vampish to me. I normally apply two coats, one coat is simply too thin.

        I echo spiceychild on OPI's Black Tie Optional. It's near black but not gothic black. Another is OPI's Changing of the garnet. But take note, it's not exactly blackish red.


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          Thanks guys!
          I should look into the OPI shades...where in Singapore can I buy them tho?? :huh:

          The bottle of Vamp I had b4 was from the long ago, but when I saw the bottle at the Chanel counter yesterday it seemed more browny maroon-red. I'll try another counter to see if I made a mistake.

          Now am lemming OPI... :roll:


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            Black Tie Optional is now discontinued, but I just saw it up for swaps on MUA, if you're interested. Otherwise u can get it from most manicurists, but OPI is overpriced here, $21-22/bottle. You could order them online actually (not more than $15/bottle). If you want to do that just let me know, I'm thinking of making some online orders too!


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              Thanks Spiceychild! I take a look at the OPI site n see if there are any colors that take my fancy...will PM u. Thanx again, doll!


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                oh i recommend OPI black tie optional too! i have one and love it.


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                  Oh oh!! I just remembered I have a pic of Black Tie Optional in my MUA profile. I pasted on some flower stickers as well.

                  Here's the link:

                  It looks really grapey-maroonish in the pic but that's just how it looks when you're in really bright light. Otherwise it looks black



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                    oooooh gorgeous color! I want!

                    i checked out the cozyspree thread for the transdesign site...but didn't see any colors that i really want. am just goin to now to looksee


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                      spiceychild, you are right. It does looks maroon in that picture. Black Tie Optional looks more blackish IRL. And nice nail art you got there. I love Nail Arts..can die without one.

                      Wonder why OPI always discontinue the nicest colour!!! :piss:

                      Any idea what's the shipping like for OPI and transdesign?


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                        oops! sorry i posted in the wrong forum! sorry sorry


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                          oooh spiceychild, black tie optional looks very very hot on your nails !


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                            Hiya Queenie!

                            I got a rough gauge from zjaninez, the price of an OPI will come up to $13.50 SGD for a bottle of OPI, but she said she'd order other handcreams and stuff and I'm thinking that those are heavier items. So I'm guessing that postage for strictly nail polish only orders will be slightly lesser. I'm looking to pay about $11-12 a bottle. It's still lots of savings compared to getting it from the salons!

                            Thanks burntpinkhair, they'll look very hot on your nails too!


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                              i just realised that Essie has a lot more deep dark colors to choose from....the only problem is, every site i go to they have these pathetic color swatches - so all the dark colors look the same! esp ones like wicked, ups, macks, etc...cant tell if they are brown or purple or berry or wat?!

                              Anyone have a site that writes down the color descriptions??