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  • Fuchsia

    This is for the girls whom asked me about my Xtenso treatment... haha...easier to show than explain...

    My hair is usually somewhat like my mum's...messy...

    This is one week after doing the treatment...

    Last edited by fuchsia; 31-08-2004, 02:10 PM.

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    I agree! I the top! Where did you get that?

    I also love how your cheek colour is just right. Very pretty!


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      You've got beautiful skin!

      Did you have stila oasis all over ur lid or only your crease?


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        I've been hoping for your FOTD & finally! Looking great girl although I must say you're way prettier in real life.


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          Pretty pretty!Really envious of your fair and translucent skin!!!


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            Agree with Stella! You're a pretty gal! With porcelain skin to boot How does the Babypink milky base feel?


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              hi Fuschia! i think you look lovely, even with the simplest makeup. you just GLOW!

              like how Oasis looks on you. you applied it to the whole lid? how would you describe the colour IRL?

              yep agree your cheek colour is just right.


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                Simply GORGEOUS! You have such perfect skin that you only use RMK creamy fdn as a concealer??!!
                You simply G-L-O-W!


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                  Somehow I can't see the picture in full size.


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                    It probably just means that Fuschia's villagephoto traffic limit has been reached. Try to see it again tomorrow.


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                      hehe..thanks girls! Kare, I'm wearing a top from FCUK...and I love it to bits... makes me look skinny during fat days...

                      Elaine and Islande, I applied Oasis all over my lids... its a shimmery gold which i love to add with shimmery browns such as MAC's Tempting.

                      Portia, i've reviewed milky base in Cozy Purrs and in the Babypink thread..Love it! Lea loves it even more! hehe...


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                        Wow ! Is your name Tricia? Mine too! =)

                        Nice to meet you! I agree your skin looks so glowy!!!!!!

                        Sorry didnt follow all the threads closely now that i'm busy in school, where did you get the base?

                        Love the flush stick too!!!!!!GORGEOUS!!!


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                          Originally posted by fuchsia
                          hehe..thanks girls! Kare, I'm wearing a top from FCUK...and I love it to bits... makes me look skinny during fat days...

                          Thanks, Fuchsia. I must go FCUK to take a look then. I love any shirts that can make me look slimmer!


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                            very pretty! you look so glowy! i love how dandelion looks on you. did you just lightly sweep it on or did you really layer?

                            very nice to "meet" you!


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                              you have great skin... make me so envious.. any secrets to share?