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    Descriptions and pics taken from adorebeauty.

    <b>Cosmetic Palette<b>
    <i>Bloom's stunning new two-tiered cosmetic palette for Christmas 2003 will make a perfect gift for any girl on the go, and is a must-have for all Bloom collectors. Features three eyeshadows (Peony, Eskimo and Taupe), three lip colours (Cutie Pie gloss, Kissable gloss, Pout lipstick), and two Sheer Colour Creams (Glow and Rosie).</i>

    <b>Cosmetics Gift Tin<b>
    <i>Beautifully packaged gift set containing Gloss lip gloss (4ml), Peony and Eskimo eyeshadow duo, and Rosie sheer colour cream (full size). The gift tin is absolutely adorable and can be used as a makeup storage tin </i>

    <b>Soap & Candle Gift Tin<b>
    <i>Beautifully packaged gift set containing divine lavender and vanilla scented soap and 20-hour candle in a decorated glass votive jar.<i>

    <b>Mini Lipgloss Gift Set<b>
    <i>These limited edition mini lipgloss packs are a must-have for Bloom addicts and lipgloss junkies alike! Each pack contains four individually-boxed 4ml wand-style tubes of Bloom's famous lip gloss, the favourite of celebrities and beauty editors around the world. There are two packs, each containing four of Bloom's best-selling colours:
    <b>Tint</b> - a fruity sheer collection including Melon, Tint, Strawberry and Raspberry.
    <b>Classic</b> - a natural and versatile colour collection including Cutie Pie, Gloss, Pout and Sweet Pea.

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    I find the cosmetic palette not so attractive. I have most of the colours....

    Getting the tint lip gloss set though.


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      The sets are cute but I have most of the colours already. Was hoping that Bloom would release some new colours :roll:


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        oops. just found out that i have two out of the 4 lip glosses of the tint set... -- melon and strawberry

        not getting the set after all.... pity


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          Ariel, Bloom just released Shine On Collections(LE) and Aloha Collections. Check them out! I love their Sparkle Dust Powder from Aloha Collections and Twinkle Lipgloss from Shine On Collection.


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            Originally posted by califit
            oops. just found out that i have two out of the 4 lip glosses of the tint set... -- melon and strawberry

            not getting the set after all.... pity
            me too..i just want their GWP


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              Originally posted by jepunnye
              me too..i just want their GWP
              what's the gwp? only at the counter right?

              and where to look at the aloha collection? adorebeauty?


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                This is what the SA told me during the workshop but she's not sure if they going to release the same GWP when they start selling the holiday collections..She also mention about Bloom project in making sleepwear/lingerie and traincase that similar to Mac, but dont know when they will release them..sigh At the moment, they're giving Bloom Pencils, Hand Cream, Mascara/lipgloss as GWP.

                1. Pink Umbrella
                2. Leather Bloom Cheque Wallet
                3. Bloom Wallet/Key Pouch ?
                4. Bloom Bag
                5. Tshirts

                You can view shine on and aloha collections on Bloom website or


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                  no lemmings! but i'm not much of a bloom fan


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                    Thanks jepunnye

                    I am not into bronzers or bronzing powders so the new collection doesn't entice me


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                      I like the lipgloss tint set but don't think I'll be getting it. I find Bloom over-priced in Sg. I like their glosses but can get a glossimer or juicy tube at the same price.


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                        I used to be a Bloom fan too, just before I became a MAC convert. I find their famous lipgloss are very pretty in colours, but they are not as moisturizing as they claimed. What make it worse is, it changes smell after some time. The price is a little too steep in Hong Kong too! Not worth it!


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                          Those are quite nice!

                          I've never tried Bloom before so I can't say I already have any of the colors, hehe. Perhaps I should try the Cosmetic Palette?


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                            the colours were hardly attractive but i loved the little tray in that palette!


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                              is the lipgloss pack still available in SG?