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  • Skin Don'ts Confessional

    Hopefully this thread will whip us all into action
    Share what you've not been doing so your dear fellow cotters feel better

    1. Not using sunscreen

    I have been too lazy to use sunscreen! Have not been doing so for the past 2 months!

    2. Not masking regularly

    Out of masks, haven't replenished my Origins OOT and CI

    3. Not moisturising

    Both face, hands and body!! I only moisturise my face sporadically

    4. Not eating much veges or fruits

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    Not drinking enough water. The most 3 glasses for today till now. Too lazy to get water.

    Fail to apply lipbalm and hand lotion regularly.

    Not masking regularly also cos of laziness too.

    Not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

    Always eating unhealthy food ~ can't resist temptation

    Not exercising enough ~ laziness

    Ignore my feet totally during beauty routine.

    Not sleeping enough.
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      -Not moisturising, i just don't like to moisturise
      -Not eating fruits n Sharon
      -Over applying clay masks


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        - Not drinking enough water (so today i drank 3 bottles!!)
        - Lazy to put sunblock
        - Not sleeping early/not sleeping enough hours
        - Squeezing!!!!!
        - Not letting my skin breathe enough!


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          Haven't used a mask in MONTHS. Again, the culprit is insane laziness. Been skimping on skincare products at night, even falling asleep in makeup. Luckily, the cooler weather dries my skin out, so I didn't break out too bad. Not enough fruit or veggies, not enough green tea (used to drink it religiously, then rub the warm tea bag over my face as a toner--worked wonders! I should get back into it, but alas I'm ADDICTED to Cherry Coke, coffee, chocolate and other unhealthy stuff). Not enough exercise. Also, am wearing makeup daily, so no chance for skin to really breathe.


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            1. picking my face.. i just can't stop it..

            2. squeezing my nose to force the blackheads out.. :roll: not working and just makes it look real red!

            3. not drinking enough water

            4. not moisturising

            5. not applying sunscreen..

            6. not exercising at all!

            7. probably over cleansing and over masking? i tend to overdo it sometimes..

            8. not eating much fruits or veggies..

            this is terrible..


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              yikes. can i add
              -squeezing my nose for blackheads??How come it doesnt work for u, duckiee? cos it works for me...but ya, it makes my nose red like RUDOLHPH! and enlarges my pores...

              - not exercising much ,....ok AT ALL! my mum complains and nags and tries everything to coax me...she exercises almost everyday....oh well.

              -and eating enough soupy stuff. too much fried chicken etc.

              -for being an over-enthusiastic clay mask applier..


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                1. pricking on my pimple.....

                2. Not sleeping more than 5 hours daily.

                3. Not drinking enough water -- lazy to go to the kitchen to get stuff

                4. not exercising enough
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                • #9
                  1. Not drink water
                  2. Itchy fingers
                  3. Sleep with makeup on
                  4. Not masking enough
                  5. Not scrubbing enough


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                    here's mine:

                    1) Not drinking enough water
                    2) Getting too much stress from work
                    3) Not sleeping enough
                    4) Not eating sufficient fruits and veggies

                    strangely, i have been keeping to applying sunblock and moisturizer everyday..


                    • #11
                      here's mine!

                      1. not sleeping enough
                      2. not drinking enough water
                      3. not moisturising my neck, hands and body
                      4. not applying sunscreen
                      5. not exercising
                      6. eating unhealthy food


                      • #12
                        1. Drank too little water
                        2. Skipping sunscreen occasionally
                        3. Compulsive pimple cream user
                        4. Smoking
                        5. Late nights
                        6. Stress
                        7. erm...over scrubbing?


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                          Here's mine:

                          1. Not drinking enough water
                          2. Eating too much chocolates
                          3. Not exercising AT ALL. I have 101 reasons to give when coaxed to go exercise.
                          4. Not sleeping enough
                          5. Too lazy to moisturise my legs though they are so dry


                          • #14
                            pixash, i don't know.. i think they are too deep inside.. only a little bit comes out when i squeeze


                            • #15
                              1. Lazy to exercise
                              2. Lazy to go for pee pee (I know this is very very bad, trying to improve it)
                              3. Sleep late
                              4. Squeeze my pimples