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    Anyone tried this yet?

    That aside, do any of you like CD makeup? I have one of their matte eyeshadows and think it's very smooth. The latest shimmery ones are worth having a look too!
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    I bought one of their powder foundation last year (think AQ range or something like that for $136 including the casing!!!!) using taka vouchers I received from co function. :Doh: It was not meant for me!!! Luckily I didn't spend my own money

    Here are the minus points :

    - Lightest color was still way too dark
    - Upon application, the whole face looks so cakey and dark
    - Coverage was way too thick
    - It didn't control oil and sebum secretion at all

    In the end, I passed it to my mum. Think it is suitable for her.

    So from then on, I always have the perception that this brand is more for matured skin.

    However, I must say their SA's service is good! She even called to ask me how was the powder after 1 week.


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      Re: White-Science foundation & powder

      Originally posted by nicole
      White-Science Fresh Face Powder C, 20g, $85

      Tried it at the counter. This should be used as the last step of your makeup during the day and skincare in the evening. Indeed, it melts and gives a cooling sensation upon the application. You need to press and spread the white powder with the brush. You'll also see the translucent and brighthness on the skin after the application.
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        It's available at the counters in Singapore already. I saw it at the Isetan Scotts counter.


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          I've got their Powder Intuice (loose powder) in a swap, yet to try it though.
          I also have their Jelly Intuice (gel blush), this I really like. It gives a cooling sensation when you apply, and it's really quite easy to blend with your fingers or with the sponge provided. Cost $58 though, but luckily I paid only $8 with a given $50 voucher

          But according to the SA, Japan is discountuing the Intuice line, so all the Intuice products are already not on display, have to ask to see them, and there isn't much left at the Taka counter.

          I'm SOOOO lemming the White Science Fresh Face Powder C. Love the cooling sensation upon application! Much like Awake Stardom loose powder, I'm also a sucker of stuff with cooling sensations I supposed!


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            Nic, this one sounds more like a cosmetic item than a skincare item. Because it really gives the radiance and the glow upon application. I think I would rather put my money on the skincare White Science Vit C powder (comes in 4 small bottles which costs S$110+). If I have the extra bucks, I would get it immediately. According to the SA, this item is a hit in Japan!


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              Has anyone used the White-Science Fresh Face Powder C? Any feedback? TIA.


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                seems like few people like cosme decorte cosmetics?
                Is it not good??

                I bought their White Science LF + Loose Powder yesterday.. due to good service from the SA....


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                  is the AQ makeup base good?


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                    Originally posted by sugarpie View Post
                    is the AQ makeup base good?
                    Probably u want to go down to the counter to check?
                    The SAs at Isetan Scotts are very nice!

                    Apparently, most of the Cosme Decorte cosmetics have skincare properties.
                    That's y i want to try out...

                    I was interested in Kanebo impress initially, but the SAs are all so snobbish, they just ignored me and refuse to spare time for me..


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                      Lots of Kanebo's SA are snobbish! I never know if I'll get treated nice or not. It's like winning a lottery! That's why normally I come, buy & go! Like the Amazing Race


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                        SHENISE & YAN PING, 2 cosme decorte SAs at takashimaya are always very nice to me.
                        i don't like isetan cosme decorte SAs. they are too customer-oriented.

                        agreed LippyNBlush. Kanebo SAs are always snob to u if u only buy one or two items with them.


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                          IIRC the AQ makeup base has anti-aging properties (i THINK firming?) but i haven't actually bought and tried it since it's kinda pricey.

                          i don't go to kanebo often, but so far i haven't had any bad experiences with service... and i usually go shopping in old t-shirts + jeans and no makeup. maybe i haven't gone enough to meet the evil SAs though.


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                            Originally posted by babyjune View Post
                            SHENISE & YAN PING, 2 cosme decorte SAs at takashimaya are always very nice to me.
                            i don't like isetan cosme decorte SAs. they are too customer-oriented.

                            agreed LippyNBlush. Kanebo SAs are always snob to u if u only buy one or two items with them.
                            I second to Shenise. I was wearing REALLY SHABBY and Casual clothes. Oversized Polo T shirt with Cargo Pants and track shoes. Shenise was still very nice to me. Try on the makeup base, liquid foundation and lipsticks on me. I was undecided with the lipstick colours but she was still very patient to bring me many colours for me to try and retry. She also gave me a lot of skincare samples (so many UV sunblock!!!!) after I finally decide to buy one lipstick.


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                              hmm..what abt their skincare? Is it good?