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  • Menard

    been seeing this advert on the back of buses. anyone ever heard anything about it?

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    Eerm, I cant open the link??


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      Dear gothie_barbie,

      I've known Mernard since I was a kid. It's a brand from japan and has been sold in parallel-imported shops like l.e.e.w.a.h cosmetics in Singapore for the past don't-know-how-many-years.

      My aunties, now in their fourties, have been using their lipsticks for more than twenty years, but they have since stopped using as they don't really like it. If you want more information, shall I ask them? I will update again.


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        haha. oh ok. =) thanks pinkvenom.


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          2 Menard specialty stores have opened near me, i was wondering if anyone has any raves/rants for this brand. Both skincare and makeup wise are fine

          Thanks in advance


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            Hi girls!

            Digging this thread up again! Beside leewah, where else can i find Menard products? How about Sasa?

            I their brow pencil and am wondering what else is good from this brand.


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              I saw their products at Soh Studio at Bugis Parco 2nd level (next to REDS)


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                the toiletries shop at katong shopping centre sells it too.


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                  my mum used to use this brand when she was younger, she said back in those days, menard was even more superior than kose and shiseido


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                    Popped by Lee W.a.h. at Toa Payoh today and the Sa says they don't carry this brand.

                    Any idea where I can find this brand in Orchard ?


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                      Phy-Cel by Menard

                      HA! I am digging up this thread again.

                      I think for those of you who frequent Suntec, you might have passed the Menard outlet (Galleria, opposite Crabtree and Evelyn). They opened like earlier this month. Honestly, I never heard of it but like the SA told me, they were around before before apparently their prices were cut and the Jap management didnt like it so they pulled out...

                      Anyway I got this Essence Phy-Cel thingy which is supposed to help with incredibly dry skin (cos Im on isotretinoion), and nothing else helped... I only use it at night, and though it has been only two days my skin is not tight anymore, so I"m very pleased

                      The Beauness range looks promising as well. If this really works I might consider switching to this brand.

                      My only complaint is that it costs a BOMB. I paid like $75 for the thing.... But it worked for me.

                      Maybe I"m condemned to high-end skincare....


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                        My auntie told me that Menard was very popular in the 80's. The price was comparable to Kose and Shisedo. But it was withdrawn from Singapore suddenly. Those days, can also get from Ocean People's Park. But not eveyone is suitable for this product, she had terrible break-out and turne acne when she used their 2-way cake.


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                          Hmm...i wondered if they have changed their product of quality over the years or still remain the same? I have seriously never heard of this brand and so is my mum, she only heard and use Shiseido and Kose....


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                            Hm, my mum heard of it, but didn't say what she thought of it. But so far it's working much better than all the previous skincare I've been using. So weird.


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                              I visited their branch at Suntec yest & received a complimentary eyebrow contouring by their makeup artist Grayson Tan.

                              I must say he did a good job in highlighting my features as well! I left their shop one happy gal xD