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Fresh minty fragrance?

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  • Fresh minty fragrance?

    Dear cotters

    Can anyone please enlighten me on which brand of fragrance has a fresh, light minty smell (like toothpaste) ? I'm really craving for it

    I've came across people "wearing" it..but am too shy to ask.

    appreciate if anyone could shine some light on this.

    many thanks!

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    Hi supercow,

    I'm really loving the scent of Bath and Body Works Eucalpytus and Spearmint body lotion but I'm not too sure if they have a body splash for this. This scent is really uplifting and it's a cheer-me-up scent when I'm home alone

    My first thought when you asked that question was have you tried looking at Demeter? Almost anybody who ask if they can smell like something, I will recommend that they try looking at Demeter. They have the most collections of scents and you can smell like anything you want even 'Funeral Home'!

    Fun and smells exactly like what its name suggests

    A pity about Demeter is that they almost never last.

    I've read so much about Fresh's Moroccan mint as well. Maybe you can try that as well

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      thank you dearie raebel!

      really sweet of you to offer the different alternatives! will check them out! erm...but where are those goodies that you mentioned available?


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        Try makeupalley for swaps as they are all not available in SG