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  • Skincare in Nature's Farm

    Hi girls,

    I went into Nature's Farm the other day and noticed their range of skincare and hair care has increased.

    And the wonderful thing is that all the brands are 100% cruelty free. Some brands are even vegan, meaning all the ingredients are non-animal sourced.

    Examples of brands are:

    Pharmagel (

    Avalaon (

    I can't recall the rest but there are quite a few

    Prices are reasonable too

    Have any of you gals tried these brands? I think I'm going to try them out and if it suits my skin, I may switch completely to these lovely animal friendly brands!

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    tried their 'Hydra Cleanse' and it was really good, until they seemed to change some ingredients and i didnt quite like the new smell (it was totally scentless the last few bottles i used) so i stopped i am quite a 'smell' person you see.. it either has to be totally scentless or at least have a pleasent one :roll: anyways the product is good :] with stuff like " Vera and Extracts of Seaweed" it really does a good job for my sensitive skin..hope the new batches are scentless again, will surely use it again


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      According to MUA,

      Pharmagel has a gd serum called C Serum, and Avalon has a good lavender cleansing gel and lavender toner, and also a serum called C Serum.... tho theres this site that shows that Avalon is not really certified Organic... hmm.. but they dont have SLS i think.


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        Anywayz, Nature's Farm was (dunno whether still is) having 40% discount off the Pharmagel. But seems like not much items left. Probably could depend on which branch you go.

        I'm gonna try their Avalon next!


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          Nature's Farm - Collagen Matrix

          Hi Cotters,

          Has anyone used collagen matrix from nature's farm before? Does it work and any side effects?

          I am thinking of buying but want to be certain if it works first before plunging in.

          Thanks for your feedback!!


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            Hihi, I did purchase the collagen matrix. It definately works for me. You got to swallow like 15 tablets a day. (8 in the morning and 7 at night). They are very small tablets. The next day, you will find that your face look more moisturized and the pores seem smaller.
            But the effect only comes when you are on the tablets, it is not lasting.


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              i tried avalon's lavender range before, love the cleanser and toner but the moisturiser is too heavy for my skin. I like the lily of the dessert aloe vera gel from nature's farm too. Works great as a moisturiser.


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                Anyone has any idea how much the Avalon's Lavender Facial Cleansing Milk cost?
                I am interested to get that.


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                  think it was like $16.90 last time before GST hike


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                    Thanks Sweet Secrets! Going to get it these few days.


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                      I'm using the Avalon range right now - Lavender Cleanser, Lavender Scrub, Coq10 Cleansing Milk and CoQ10 Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

                      It works better for me than Skin Revival's products, which I used for nearly a year but no real positive effects on my skin.

                      The Avalon stuff is much cheaper than SR, yet more effective - think I'll be sticking with this for some time as I've seen improvements in my skin (but not on the forehead - still full of pimples! everywhere else its clearing up... ) =P


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                        I have received samples of the Derma E items like the pynogenol night gel. The night gel is good for oily skin and cleared up alot of my blemishes as well. Another item is the Pzorema creme, my SO says its really good for those with eczema.

                        my SO swears by Derma E's tea tree antiseptic creme. It's really good for acne and for cuts as well. Makes them heal pretty fast.


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                          the derma E range is quite ex right? Always look tempting to try it


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                            Yes it's really expensive (I cannot recall how much is it ). PM me if you would like to try the samples! I actually have a lot of them from the SO.


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                              yeah i remember it's like $60 plus or more that kind