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    yeah i also saw from beautyprescriptions that they are giving away free cleansers if u buy skinceuticals from them quite worth it IMO!


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      I read that the Serum 10 is selling at USD60 in BP. Say the exchange rate is 1.70, so we should be paying about S$102. This is cheaper than buying from Sg.

      How how how... who wants to organise a spree


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        Pretty expensive though poor student like me must think many times before ordering Is it really very very good? There is a free gift though which makes it quite attractive to order but that will add on to the weight if the package.


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          there's alot of vitc in alot for whitening products. but i mean being a vitamin it also fortifies the skin & builds up its own say elasticity in the long run. but for long run perhaps an oral vit c is preferable.

          Topical Vit C was generally thought of a whitening ingredient.

          My skin's peeling for day & night application of the AHA 15 from neostrata ouch but if you can bear with this - hey instant new skin I do this every once in a while think i better keep my AHA 15 to once at night every alternate days now. OK i'll be flaky monster.

          Heidi i think the shipping is a flat rate for the website. so weight is not a problem i think. pls double check.


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            Hey Vit C

            Read that you have quite good results from Skinceutical's Serum 10. May I ask what kind of skin condition do you have to start off with?

            I am tempted to try but I do not want to give myself false hopes by just reading your positive comments. For all I know, you already have nice glowy skin and by using Serum 10, you just made it even better.


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              I have normal combination skin, some big pores (visible) & my skin's not as radiant as it was obviously than 5 yrs ago i am 31 this yr. its just that frm the radiance & smoothness i had the serum made the skin visibily smoother & some what firmer With the pores slightly tightened like just after i did an asprin mask.

              the smoothness improvement is obvious to myself & my SO (i was told men dont pay attn to such things so i *** i was seeing things & checked with him for verification) the firmness & pores tighten is less but there is slight improvement. BUT I MUST STRESS that the effects only take place when i apply it day & night (although recommended vit c morning only. i saw this results within 4 applications in 2 days.

              if i skip more than 2 applications the skin's back to normal.


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                Any more reviews on the Serum 10? Cant wait to try it out if it's really so good..

                Gosh, why am I spending so much $$ on skincare, when I have only one face


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                  I am using my retinol & lift serum from ROC at night with my Neostrata AHA 15 then only in the morning Serum 10 with much less AHA 15 & Paulas choice anti-oxidant rich moisturising SPF 30. i still get the same results as above so i try to save on the serum 10 then i am planning to stop the serum 10 once i finish the 15 ml - stop for 2 weeks & see if the effects stays or not before i decide to continue or use less frequently.

                  but i do hope that it will feed my skin & make it 'stronger' & more elastic as the days go by.

                  MY skin has stopped peeling with the AHA 15 already as i have cut down the amount used. it was supposed to be a moisturiser so i just used Serum 10 4 drops & about 50 cents worth of AHA 15 - it was too much! now i am lowering it down to about 20cents worth & roc retinol 10cents worth (as ROC is expensive also) but i will alternate my Retinol with SKII's signs treatment(since i am trying to finish this tub of skincare as well.

                  (i have been using the ROC lift serum & retinol for about 10 days but i dont see any improvements yet. but i layed it off to test the serum 10 so if you are wondering if the ROC also speedup the Serum 10 - slight chance)

                  I also use 1% BHA gel daily so it will help my skin absorb the serum 10 better too as compared to someone who has not been regularily exfoliating on the BHA (deeper) level. So its safe for me to say that if you can exfoliate with BHA if you are allergic to this then manual exfoliants or AHA to max the absorbtion of the Serum 10 as well.
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                    the hydrating B5 Gel is good too.. together with serum 15 give a better result... also if AHA 10/15 (gly derm) is good too...
                    do let me know if anyone of u wanna start a spree k.


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                      I am interested in trying out this brand, esp their Serum 10 and the Hydrating B5 gel.

                      But I am not too confident in organising a spree as I have not done one before. Yesterday I tried registering at BeautyPrescriptions but somehow, they just denied me.. I find it strange.. So I lost confidence already..

                      Anyone experience Cotters want to start a spree? Help us..


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                        i saw some seller from ebay selling abt US$48 for the serum 15. anyone interested then we can share the shipping?? Also hydrating B5 only selling $30.
                        Pm me if u interested.


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                          I am interested in the Serum 10. Don't mind sharing shipping costs.


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                            hi gals, i'm also a user of serum 10. have been using it for abt 3 months. yes, it does fade scars. the only thing i dont like abt it is that it's very sticky. however, after apply kim mun's sunblock, the stickiness goes away. and my skin will looks and feel smooth and soft. i got it from a canadian website it cost me abt $110 at that time... but it's money well spent!


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                              sticky? mines very fluid like water by the way are you also using alot - i am only using 4-8 drops each time.

                              4 drops when i am stingy & 8 drops when i feel generous. it absorbs into the skin like a dream. are you mixing this up with another product as the serum 10 i have comes in a dark dropper glass bottle from TTSH $113+ 15ml. but has it for the same price but 30ml!


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                                huh? serum is not sticky? i only use 2 drops in the morning and it's alr very sticky. his serum 10 is the only skincueticals product i'm using. i'm using my own cleanser and toner... mine came with the glass dropper as well.. 30ml bottle.. i'm suprised to know that we both have such different experience..