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  • Tips For Applying Mascara

    not sure where to post this, so create a new thread.
    how do you apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes??

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    Not sure if i am answering it well, but here's what i do:

    i apply a coat of shu's lash repair to start with.
    I curl my lashes first.
    then i apply a coat of lengthening mascara
    then i apply a coat of volumising mascara
    then i wait for it to dry then curl again

    i only apply on top lash. bottom lash only apply when i want that dolly look.


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      First, curl your eye lashes using an eye lash curler. Use the triple squeeze method to create a natural looking curl. Slowly curl your eyelash starting from the nearest to the roots, press gently. Then move the curler slightly outwards and press gently again, finally move the curler even further away from the roots and press gently again. This will give you natural looking curls instead of the usual "L" shaped curl.

      Take the mascara wand out of the tube, if there is too much mascara wand on the brush, use a clean tissue to wipe the excess off the wand.
      Bring the brush to the roots of your lashes, as close to the roots as possible. Then while apply it upwards, move in a zig-zaf manner so you coat every lash and separate them.
      Apply as many coats as you like. Usually i apply 2-3 thin layers, it looks more natural than 1 thick layer.

      For the lower lashes, it is harder for normal mascara brushes to reach because lower lashes tend to be too fine.
      You can try Maybelline lash discovery, since the brush is really small.
      To apply mascara to lower lashes, instead of holding the wand horizontally, hold it vertically.
      Remove excess mascara with tissue again, since lower lashes need an even lighter coat of mascara.
      Brush the vertical brush across lashes, coating it lightly.



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        how to apply a thin layer of mascara?


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          Originally posted by BaByLuV
          how to apply a thin layer of mascara?
          Wipe off excess mascara from the brush before applying.


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            what abt those tiny eyelashes at the corner of the eyes??


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              Originally posted by candeecake
              what abt those tiny eyelashes at the corner of the eyes??
              Hi girl, you can use the tip (end part) of your mascara wand to apply in an upstroke manner so you coat your those tiny lashes at the corner individually.

              But do be cautious to wipe of the excess from the tip to avoid spidery looking lashes.


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                not a guru here, but i've got my tips from Ivannah, that is stand close and look into the mirror, look up, apply the mascara with a dry brush(swipe off the excess on the wand), start from the roots , then wiggle the wand as you sweep the wand outwards and upwards. Do this as many time you wish, till you're satisfied with the effect. I did this method, and it work perfectly on me, and my lashes just curl up naturally, i don't need to use the curler at all.

                The trick to wiggle the wand as you sweep your lashes and apply with a dry brush, reduce the result of clumpy lashes.



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                  Use the Card Trick
                  One trick that always works for me is to to use a name card (or any small card).

                  Curl your eye lash first.
                  Put the card beneath your eye lash and start applying mascara outwards. This way, you can allow the mascara to be fully applied on the lash.

                  Hope this helps.


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                    i will typically look downwards to apply my mascara. that way, you will not get the mascara on your lids. recently i have stopped crimping my lashes because the lancome oscillation mascara that i am using gives my lashes a nice natural curl. Wonderful!


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                      is this lancome vibrating mascara thing good for ppl who seldom use mascara? it sounds good but not too sure if the vibrating thing is easy to use. any idea?


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                        Originally posted by wanderlast View Post
                        is this lancome vibrating mascara thing good for ppl who seldom use mascara? it sounds good but not too sure if the vibrating thing is easy to use. any idea?
                        hey wanderlust, i think it should be fine i guess. I use mascara everyday so i was kinda use to applying. the vibrating action is very gentle and controllable not violent so i think to start off, just apply 1 coast SLOWLY. anyway practice really makes perfect and before you know it, you can apply without a mirror. that's me now! haha. the good thing about this lancome mascara is that it gives a slight curl to the lashes so you don't need to crimp anymore, unless you want super curled lashes!

                        hope this helps!


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                          found this video on their website. Perhaps it could help those who are using the lancome oscillation mascara!


                          the model is super pretty i must say!


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                            the video looks rather useful. is this product good for lower lashes too?


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                              never tried for lower lashes before but works well for me on my lashes. Gives me beautiful eyes!
                              btw is anyone going for the event that is publicised on CozyCot? i'll probably drop by BHG when I am free.