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    Just wondering, you ladies seem to use tons of skincare. Usually you have to use the skincare product for sometime before you see the benefits, right? So if I switch between products here and there, every week, doesn't that mean that I won't be benefitting from the products?

    Eg. I use this mask for this week, then use another mask next week, then use yet another one the 3rd week. Does this make my skin confused in the long run? That's what my derm said anyway. And he asked me if I ever notice that people with great skin actually have very simple routines? It's not just genes but it's also the simplicity of their skincare routine that enables them to have good skin.

    I need major lemmings killer here.

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    Simple is good.

    Seriously though .. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to product to product to product. It's majorly irritates my skin and I'd have to say yes .. it was probaly confused. My skin finally calmed down after I've found something that works and stuck with it. What products are you currently using?


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      when I get confused, I look at my items, and look for what I really *need.* I think everyone needs a mild cleanser, a make-up remover, eye cream, sunscreen, and appropriate lotion/moisturizer combination.
      Once you find each item, then you can stick with it... when you are tempted to try something new out, ask yourself, what is it about my current item I am unhappy with? If nothing is wrong... don't change.
      Now, you are left with being able to be adventurous with treatments, masks, etc. I only add one item at a time, usually. Then you can see if it makes a true difference, and then you don't get too caught up with too many different items... that way your skin has a simple basic routine, with added "fun" products.

      Sometimes if I have two "favorites" for a category (such as cleanser) I might interchange once in a while. Like every other month, or ever 2 months.


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        i only have 1 item for each of the category.
        i cleanse, moisturise and put on sunscreen and eye gel
        hardly have any probs with it unless pimples break out at that time of the month...
        usually i just ignore the pimples and get on with the routine

        i would say it takes some time before u can benefit from the product. that will depend on what type of product and the main aim of using it.
        i find using eye gel needs a long time before u can detect the difference...
        any opinions?


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          I've been using the same facial cleanser for years and recently, I've noticed that my skin's getting worse. I've checked with my beautician and she said that as we grow older, the products which we've been using all the while may not be suitable for our skin anymore.

          Hmm.. but i think products like masks take a longer time to see the effects


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            I will stick on to the products which i like and has given me benefits.

            If I find something's not working optimally, i look for alternatives and just change that particular item. for masks wise, i do alternate. i dont stick to a mask because the effects are masks are usually temporary, and make little significant change to the state of your skin.


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              i rotate alot of cleansers, scrubs and masks but the rest of it stays pretty much constant...


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                I change skincare all the time but i think I'll be sticking pretty much to the same things now. I alternate between some of these:

                KP Oil (HG)
                IPSA Creamy Cleansing Milk (HG)
                Lancome SPF50 (HG)
                Sekkisei Lotion
                Lancome Vinefit Water
                Sekkisei Emulsion
                Sekkisei Lotion Mask
                Just @ 100 Brightening mask


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                  I more or less do not change until I finish the product

                  M/U remover: Fancl Oil or Tricolore's m/u remover
                  Eye M/U remover : Chanel Precision Bi-phase eye m/u remover
                  Cleanser : L'Occitane Lavender Face Gel cleanser (used to be Fancl washing powder)
                  Toner : L'Occitane Lavender Lotion (used to be Sekkisei)
                  Moisturizer : still looking for HG but right now it's L'Occitane Lavender Face Gel-Creme
                  Eyecream : Phytomer
                  Mask: Origins Clear Improvement / Moor Mud