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    anyone know any products that contain retinol? retinol is a milder version of retin-a right? one product i know is the follow me renewal gel. but want to find out more about other products that contain retinol. hope it helps for my scars!

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    Clarins' Renew-Plus night lotion, helps with uneven skin tone. may take a much longer time for scars? Guess it also depends on how long the scars were there.

    think whitening products work faster for scars?


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      L'Oreal RevitaLIFT range.
      Garnier Anti-Ageing range.


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        neutrogena? which product?


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          Originally posted by qian
          neutrogena? which product?
          If I am not wrong, it is from their pore refining range.


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            Originally posted by qian
            neutrogena? which product?
            I think the Pore Refining Essence contains Retinol, not the cleanser & Toner. I find this Essence is too oily and caused me more breakouts. I gave it to my brother to use. He got the same comment too. Both of us just used 30% of the 30ml. If u want to try, i can give it to u.


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              NuSkin regulating fluid - more than $100.


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                Question that I just have to ask...

                Has anyone here tried using retin-a/renova on your stretch marks? I read some medical discussion on renova this afternoon. It was suggested that renova could be used to lessen stretchmarks though not necessary true or proven. Any thoughts?

                I'm quite tempted to try


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                  Hi, raebelasian. I got this from The Strait Times, maybe helpful.



                  These Vitamin A derivatives are available in prescription and nonprescription strengths.

                  The prescription versions, Retin-A (whose chemical name is tretinoin) and Renova (Retin-A tempered by a moisturiser), are known to build collagen, regenerate the elastin that lets skin stretch and reverse abnormal pigmentation.

                  Some cosmetic products promise to help your skin renew itself, such as this one by Origins, which combines alpha hendroxy fruit acids with vitamin A to help you 'see new skin each day'.

                  Much of what is known about Retin-A is based on a 30-year track record of use as an acne treatment.

                  The anti-ageing case is less clear for retinol, a weaker, over-the-counter retinoid.

                  Other retinoids, including adapalene, an acne drug marketed as Differin, and tazarotene, marketed as Tazorac, are also being studied.

                  By removing dead surface cells that become harder to shed as we age, and by thinning and flattening the stratum corneum, retinoids give skin that much-valued "rosy glow.''

                  They do that by creating a smooth surface that reflects light more brightly, just like smoothly brushed hair has more luster than tousled hair.

                  However, retinoids often produce irritation, dryness and peeling. They make skin sensitive to the sun's burning rays, so sunscreens are a must.

                  Dr Gerald Weinstein, the dermatology chairman at the University of California, Irvine, says that retinoid benefits last as long as you use the products. Stop, and your wrinkles and pigmented patches return.

                  Some doctors believe that retinoids not only reverse sun damage, but prevent development of skin cancer, although that has not been proved.

                  Some dermatologists recommend Retin-A as a first-line treatment for photo-damaged skin.

                  Dr Coleman tells women over 30 living in places where the sun shines a lot: "If you're going to do anything, you ought to be putting Retin-A on your skin.''
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                    Originally posted by Shon
                    I think the Pore Refining Essence contains Retinol, not the cleanser & Toner. I find this Essence is too oily and caused me more breakouts.
                    I checked. It's the SkinClearing Essence that has Retinol and SA in it. The packaging is new. You can spot it right away.


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                      U mean the one with red & white colour in the packaging?? :roll:
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                          nuskin clear action night treatment


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                            SK-II has a new product, De-Wrinkle Active which, er, smooths out wrinkles. Besides the patented Pitera, it contains Vita-Retinol. Don't have the price. Looks like a small tube. Claims it can make you look 3 years younger in one month.


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                              A widely raved retinol product on MUA is Green Cream, available at you can do a search on MUA boards, there's alot of info there.

                              (corrected the URL)
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