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    WHat do you all think about these two rosy pink blushes from MAC?

    ANy differences apart from pink swoon being sheertone?

    WHat other rosy pink blushes are your favourites?

    -I love Shu M Pink 33E too!
    Foolish Me
    Pink Swoon
    Flirt n tease
    pinch o peach
    Ambering rose

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    racer_girl, it's Red Note cream color base. it's from the creations collection. couldn't seems to find the Pink Glow from the Mac website, wonder if it's still available off the shelf. found 2 pics, one containing pink swoon and the other, pink glow.
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      Pinkswoon is sheertone, pink glow is matte. Pink glow is more pigmented than pinkswoon since it is a sheertone.
      They are pretty much the same though, just different intensity.
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        woww... i like the Pink Glow...


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          I had Pink Glow before and could not pick up any pigment with my brush, maybe it was an old one? I use Pink Swoon now and the pigment is smoother and easier to layer. I think Pink Swoon is a more "powdery" pink, while Pink Glow is a true bright pink. I have heard some color-savvy MUAers say white-based pink before. If it makes any sense, Pink Swoon has a whiter base than Pink Glow.


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            yup i get it i guess its coz it's a sheertone that's why its more "white-based" ? will go check out the MAC Pinks after my exams!
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              MAC blushes!

              Since there is a thread for mac eyeshadows and mac pigments, i figure why not have a mac blush thread too!

              I'm planning to get a few mac blushes. MAC variety seems to be really popular in MUA.
              I'm also on a lookout for light colours, like pale peach, nude beigh colours.

              Which colours are your favourite? and how does it look like on your skin? please state your skintone too!


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                I'm an NC35, RMK 103

                I like Pinch O peach! It's a pink infused peach and fool proof, on me it's a nice glowy hint of pinkiness and more peach if I'm more heavy handed

                A pale peach from MAC would be Cheek but it's not from the Sheertone range...pretty but too bad I have way too many peach blushes so I'm giving this up.

                So far I've tried : Mocha, Angel, Pop and Cheek
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                  Im currently lemming Pink swoon, and possibly variety. I would like to try them both out on my cheeks first though, is it possible to just ask the SA to do that for me?

                  Posicle --> I went to MAC and i think i am a NW25 in their concealer, but i was an RMK 104. How come your an NC30 but RMK 103? Does it make sense :huh:


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                    Posicle --> I went to MAC and i think i am a NW25 in their concealer, but i was an RMK 104. How come your an NC30 but RMK 103? Does it make sense :huh:
                    I don't think it makes sense either! Seeing Atypical using RMK 103 and she's obviously much fairer than me

                    With the RMK powder foundation, I'm actually a 103L which is even lighter than 103. Hmn...the SA told me 103 (powder fdn) would be too dark for me. It can look a bit pasty if I accidentally apply too much but either way, it looks very natural after a while.

                    As for the liquid foundation, she handed me the sample in 103 and she said it should be all right for me. I do think I could go a tad darker though with the shades...maybe 104 for liquid but not for the powder fdn.


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                      By the way, do feedback on how PInk Swoon looks yeah?
                      Like does it look one kind of its on on the skin etc...

                      I'm very tempted by this one but I really wonder if I do need ANOTHER blush


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                        i'm not a great fan of MAC blushes.
                        bought pink swoon but found it too pink for me and was afraid to wear it, so i returned it. didn't regret that though.
                        i think its because most of mac blushes are not shimmery, i prefer shimmery blushes

                        i do like variety though! the shimmer in it is very fine and pretty! i was expecting it to be similar to the sheer shimmer powders (which has chunky glitters) but the shimmers came out very fine! variety gave me a very nice pretty flush shimmers aren't obvious on me when applied.

                        RMK 103, NC30, Stila D, Becca LSC Nude


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                          I only use MAC blushers! My skin tone's always changing so it's hard to tell.

                          ANGEL: a lovely pale pale pink with a whitish tinge, perfect for looking sweetly flushed with a gentle glow. I prefer using this when I'm tanned. It's perfect for a sweet look.

                          CUTE: also a clean pale pink, but a little warmer than Angel. This gives a more obvious flush and is better when I'm fair. Applied lightly, it gives a sweet flush. Use a more heavy hand and you'd get a cute glow.

                          PINK SWOON: Like the name suggests, this is a true pink blusher, but in a warm tone. This is ideal for times when you really want to look cute and adorable. Not really my look, but every girl needs at least one pink blusher!

                          PINK FLURRY: A happy pink blusher shot through with a generous amount of shimmer, this is my favourite for nights out or days I just want to look girly. Used alone, the shimmers would be overwhelming when you apply the intensity required for the colour to show through. I usually use it over another powder/sheertone blusher, especially a peach one to achieve the perfect balance. This sweet, shimmery and very very fun blusher is a staple!

                          PINCH 'O PEACH: a pinkish blusher with peach undertones, this blusher is my idiot-proof must-have. It blends right into my skintone, giving a lovely natural glow. Definitely a must-get! But you have to be careful about using too heavy a hand.

                          TRIXIE: Also another shimmery blusher, shot through with lots of gold shimmers. This is a darker, more earthy almost-reddish pink, which makes it perfect for a more glamourous and grown up look.

                          CHEEK: A pale peach (with slight pinkish tones) that gives a similar but more natural effect as Cute. Perfect for times when you want something more peachy and natural, but not too orange. This is another foolproof blusher!

                          SINCERE: It looks practically brown in the pan, but comes out as a warm muted beige/coral. This matte shade is ideal for days I want to look tanned.

                          I love all my MAC blushers because they're quite pigmented and v v easy to apply.


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                            Does Pink Swoon looks like Cargo Catalina??