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  • lolitapop

    Last edited by lolitapop; 16-06-2004, 10:16 PM.

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    Wow! only 5 mins to get whole m/u so nicely done up.. thats very fast.. i'm impressed..
    You look really very pretty to me.. Nice e/s colour and long lovely lashes..


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      thanks dears, its actually sunburn though!


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        i think you look fab! very glowy and natural.


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          lolitapop, you call that messy makeup! You have great skin love your chin too

          where did you use Dark Soul pigment?? is it at the outer corner of your eyes??


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            candee> my chin?? thanks but it's pointy! I used to massage my dad as a kid with my chin by poking it into his shoulder.

            yes, that tiny miserable dab at the outer corner. heh. trying to make it last! kidding, was using only fingers so i dabbed it as close to the lashline, then blended it inwards abit. Finally just topped up with white shimmer


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              you're such a cutie pie! you've got a nice glowy skin!
              I like how you wear your blush, Jane Blushing Glow looks stunning on your tan skin.


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                I your cheekbones and chin!! So well defined!!


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                  AWWW.. how I wish I've chin like yours!! At least then my face wouldn't look round/oval.

                  IMO, you look just as great without makeup! *envy* I like your natural lip color too *envy* *envy* *envy*

                  BTW, does the mascara smudge on you?? Any idea how to prevent smudging??

                  More FOTD!!


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                    You look great! More FOTD

                    Love your glowing tan.


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                      I would love to have a tan like yours but I think it will give my beautican a heart attack! She's SO into that ladies-must-be-fair-skin thingy....

                      Nice chin btw


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                        you're lovely! very sweet

                        i love how your makeup is so subtle and natural. definitely don't look like it's done in 5 mins

                        what is the bobbi brown shimmer u used? what's the shade?

                        what's yr hair colour? i like it...and your hair style too. where did u get it done? sorry for asking so many questions..

                        many thanks!



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                          Hi babyraisin,

                          We'd like to know you better. Could you please do us an introduction at Cozybabes? Thanks!


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                            :yaya: hey lola!

                            looking good there! love the blushy cheeks!!! you got a lovely bone structure and *expressive* eyes...


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                              Hey girls, thank you for your kind words! Will post more fotds once I figure out how to take a picture of myselfwithout looking googly eyed and dumb! (like ataraxia, Hunny, atypical-so gorgeous fotds

                              Wanted to upload today's but it's so hard to catch the colours despite me using a heavy hand. I wonder how do you girls do it.

                              Babyrasin> Haircut and colour was at chapter 2, pretty messy in the pic though!

                              Candee> I have a round face too, the only cure is to smile so some chin shows The FL has stopped smudging on me, sometimes i brush a tiny coat of translucent l/p over my lashes after mascara has dried. Helps!

                              Stressed, Verda> I'm naturally quite dark. when tanned, I just turn well, BLACK. I've always wanted a peaches and cream complexion (both of you are so fair!), but I'll live with my mudpie version