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  • To Ladies in Vietnam

    a unique and exclusive fragrance from Viet Nam? I have friends travelling there next week -- was hoping to give them a wish list of something wonderful from that region. Recommendations? Thanks much, z
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    Hi zoltan,

    We'd like to know you better. Could you please do us an introduction at Cozybabes? Thanks!


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      Last time I was in Saigon for business, I didn't see anything interesting in terms of perfume/skincare/cosmetics. Infact, saw NOTHING worth looking at twice.

      If you interested in other stuff, I would recommend the following:

      1) Wooden stuff such as those nice jewellery boxes, chopstick sets, incense box etc. Even nice wooden paintings. Very cheap and well made. I bought a pretty nice incense box (those long rectangular ones) with nice carvings for only US$5.

      2) Tailor made cloths. ooops, but if you are not going yourself, then this is not possible. However, if you are, you can get very nice cheongsams, kaodai (the Vietnamese women national outfit) tailor made for about US$40, with nice cloth and good tailoring