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  • Avon

    Hi! Is this available in Singapore? I see from that it's available in Thailand and South Korea, but there was no mention of Singapore.



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    Sadly, Avon has closed down in Singapore. They used to have a nice outlet in Wisma Atria, but that was shut down and they no longer have an office in Singapore. I think it's really unfortunate as Avon is one of the earlier companies which denounced animal testing on their products and the ingredients as well.


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      I see, what a pity. Thanks for the info, Mogmick!

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        Sure, no problems

        I do believe the Avon shops in Malaysia are still around, I seem to see small shops here and there when I visit KL. However, the products there seem to be more on the low end Avon stuff, not the Japanese range that was available in Singapore previously.


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          Anybody using this product? Is it worth getting it from USA. There's something I want that is only available from USA. If I am shopping then might as well get something else too.


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            hihi anyone using avon skincare?
            tt's their website **** their counter close down at sg but can order online. and now there's sale! n i check out MUA and found quite some raves on some of their products! wondering anyone here tried avon before and the reviews? thansk!


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              Avon still available in Malaysia. I only use their whitening deodorant and ClearSkin Clarifying Cover SPF15. I heard good raves on their Anew range but never try them yet.


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                hihi ***** avaliable in johor too? and if yes, which shopping malls?


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                  sorry cant help you with that since i dont live in Johor. In KL you can buy them from the store at selected mall and via avon seller/member. Like in Brisbane, i need to place order from Avon's agent cause there's no avon store in brissy.


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                    i did a spree before in another forum and i really like their body lotions. have not tried their skincare yet though

                    shipping is quite fast, can use vpost to ship over


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                      does anyone have an idea of the exact location of (big) avon stores in malaysia?

                      remember there was a big avon shop at amcorp mall (petaling jaya) a number of years back but don't seem to see it anymore the last time i went. also vaguely remember seeing the huge avon logo at angsana mall in jb some trips back but not sure still there or not.

                      tt reminds me i loved the milk / honey milk body lotions from avon.... i like the neo nutura range (the jap range i think) for skin care too. remember that they claim no mineral oil although i never check the ingredient list.

                      when i went china i saw alot of avon stuff at local pharmacies all very cheap (it's probably another range meant for chinese market coz the packaging all different). the girls there seem to think avon is a low end brand and prefer loreal for drugstore brands. i dun dare to buy coz i scared buy fake stuff... heard that it happens.


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                        I went to the Avon store nearby my place and the SA told me that the big Avon HQ is at Petaling Jaya.

                        Here's the addy:
                        Avon Cosmetics [Malaysia] SDN BHD
                        Lot 13A, Jalan 219, Section 51A
                        46100 Petaling Jaya
                        Selangor, MALAYSIA


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                          Originally posted by liz

                          also vaguely remember seeing the huge avon logo at angsana mall in jb some trips back but not sure still there or not.

                          The Avon boutique at Plaza Angsana is still available. Nearer to the Causeway would be the one at Plaza Kotaraya. HTHs! *smiles*


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                            yip yip thanks! now i know where to replenish my avon stuff


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                              Hi, where can I get avon in KL?! Pref KLCC or berjaya times square area....might be making a long trip there soon.... i just like that their products seem to work & are priced sooo cheap!!!

                              ok i've tried the anew using the clinical microexofoliant which is new & the luminosity ultra brightening spf15. The earlier is like a home microdermabrasion scrub whereas the latter is a brightening cream, i used it for my eyes instead.... Somehow i like both but have not used the microexofoliant much as my skin is rather sensitive now fm all the aha & differin treatment.

                              I'm also using pore-fection mask fm avon....pretty good i'd say at making the pores look smaller & face smoother....can really see & feel the difference after the mask is washed off.....