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Makeup for interview - suggestions?

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  • Makeup for interview - suggestions?

    Hey gals,

    What would you all suggest for an interview? I have an upcoming interview / selection workshop and I'm not sure if I should go for a full face makeup which I usually do but everything is kept light. The dress code is formal business attire.

    Or should I do minimal makeup? The event will take approximately 4 hours as there are many segments I think.
    And I would feel uncomfortable if other applicants turned up with no makeup (which usually happens) and I'm the only one with makeup (whether light or not).

    Also, is it all right to wear a glossy lip instead of a neutral coloured lipstick? On my internships, I've realised that not many office girls actually do wear makeup.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi popsicle, you should go with light makeup. No makeup at all may make one look unprofessional and unpolish. And you may also look washed out and pale.

    Trim your brows. Go with a neutral, earthy e/s (no bold colours!), a coat of mascara, a light touch of blush and a bit of lipstick if you use that. Just try to make sure your lips are not dry and peeling. And if you have any peeling nail polish, please remove them, apply a new coat or leave it bare.

    Having a 'prepared' face for interview is important. It helps you to stand out better and the interviewer may also feel more comfortable looking at you. After you get the job, nobody quite cares if you wear makeup or not. The interview will determine if you can get the job so you have to be prepared for it.

    Good luck! Hope you get it


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      I suggest u keep your lips non-glossy, if you must have gloss, maybe a teeny wheeny bit only. I've heard people hate to stare at a juicy pair of lips .


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        i agree, you have to keep your makeup light, most importantly, your brows must be neat and nails must be trimmed and at least a coat of clear polish. Nothing brazen or daring or flashy. Most importantly is how you present yourself overall, i.e. dressing, mannerism, makeup etc, rather than make up alone. And be prepared to ask questions, show them you know their company, their business etc. Oh by the way, never talk salary in the first round. Good luck.


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          I have to second what the other gals have already said.

          Light makeup will enable you to look more presentable. I hosted a bevy of 'interviewees' before. Just making them comfortable, answering their questions, etc. And the ones with neutral, light makeup and no overly glossy lips are the ones that looked the best. Of course, having the confidence helps too!

          All the best.


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            Thank u so much !

            Yup I'm a bit nervous as I have to make a presentation in front of top management ...just praying that I don't fumble.


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              good luck to you gal, i prefer light make-up. it usually leaves a better impression


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                Less is More.

                Use light make-up. Maybe dust some pinkish blusher say like Benefit Dandelion or Stila blush in cozy/tutu, a sweet light pink lipgloss, say like MAC Pink Lemonade, neaten your brows, fill them in if necessary, and thicken your lashes a little. most important, don't forget to bring on a smile!


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                  yep i agree, I think playng up your eyes is important. No heavy e/s, i think eyeliner with a light hand if you're steady, and a neutral e/s, maybe something slightly darker in the crease to define. Colours like shell, taupe, browns (safe), Slight shimmer/pearlized (no glitter) or matte. Of course, if you look good in a hint of blue or purple, kept light why not? Lightly though?

                  I did a course on interviewing skills for a couple of weeks, and it's been said that people focus on the "triangle" around your face, the base of which is the imaginary line between both eyes and tapers down to your lips. I know it sounds bogus-sy, but it's true.
                  I decided to watch my interviewers in my recent spate of interviews and it happens naturally during conversations.

                  Most of all, confidence and a smile. Bring it on! All the best


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                    for interviews, i reckon the key word to KIV is 'NEUTRAL'

                    starting from top down.....

                    eyebrows - need to be shaped and trimmed
                    eyes - neutral non-glitter eyeshadow. just a wash would do actually. maybe a v fine brown/black eyeliner if you can manage. light coat of mascara maybe.
                    cheeks - neutral blush, nothing too dolly like. dandelion is a good bet, or any other nude peach/pink shades
                    lips - no hi-gloss. matte or light shine would be good. again, neutral, nude brown/pinks for color.
                    nails - french polish is pretty. if not, go clear or polish-less. make sure nails are not ragged or bitten.

                    since your presentation make take all day, make sure your makeup needs only minimal (if at all) touchups.

                    good luck!


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                      the girls have said it all!

                      most importantly, bring a confident dazzling smile and impress them with your talent. good luck girl!


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                        Light makeup will be good as it looks more polished and professional compared to someone who is bare-faced. Perhaps just base makeup, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and a medium toned neutral shade of lipstick. Definately nothing too bright, pastel or sweet as I wouldn't want to come across as girly or frivolous.

                        Put on a confident smile and just do your best! Good luck for the interview!


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                          great article with recommendations and tips here!


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                            Good luck to your popsicle!! same sentiments as the rest.. go with neutral makeup. light foundation, neat brows, no eyeshadow, light eyeliner, light mascara, natural blush color and pinkish-nude lipstick.

                            you can do it!


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                              Hmmm... popsicle's interview is about 2 - 3 years back.