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    i need some recommedations on man's perfume. kindly suggest some nice smelling one.
    by the way, does anyone know where i can get Aigner perfume?

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    i like Givenchy Pour Homme on my SO. his signature scent.

    Givenchy Pour Homme -- masculine with some sweet and citrusy notes. very like my SO.

    Clinique Happy For Men -- citrusy. happy.

    Giorgio Armani Mania -- darker, more mysterious. love this too. very sexy. but costs quite a bit


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      issey miyake. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-mm!


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        i dig the following on my man:

        1. Drakkar Noir
        2. Chanel Egoiste
        3. Dior's Fahrenheit


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          L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme
          Hugo Boss (brown bottle)
          RL Romance for Men
          RL Sport
          Contradiction for Men
          Truth for Men

          that's all i can think of for now...


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            How about Hugo Boss Dark Blue? My bf likes this smell coz it is not too strong. Or else, Hugo Boss - Boss in Motion. It got very sporty smell and the packaging is so special.

            For Aigner, can try Sasa?? There are plenty of fragrances selling in the shop.


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              Giorgio Armani - Armani Mania (in black bottle)
              Polo Ralph - Blue
              Polo Ralph - Romance
              Issey Miyaki - the new blue bottle! ( cant remember the name though)
              Giorgio Armani - Aqua Di Gio
              Davidoff - Cool Water
              Clinique - Happy for men (citrus smell)


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                Here's my all time favourite on men

                1. Bvlgari Pour Homme
                2. Hugo Boss Elements (yes, vixette, the brown one)
                3. Drakkar Noir
                4. Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande (good masculine scent and this is my SOTD)
                5. Creed Silver Mountain Water

                RUee-> Aigner Pour Homme is up on my list as well. I'm not too sure where else to get this as my friend managed to snagged one for me during the warehouse sale at a good deal. I suppose Tangs will carry this.


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                  i am lemming for Armani HE for bf now!


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                    oh yeah one more to add to the list
                    if you can get hold of Giorgio Armani's latest perfume for men, it's lovely!
                    Armani Night

                    no idea when it's hitting sg shores though.


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                      i kind of like the smell of estee lauder's pleasures (for men) cologne. i'm going to get it for my hubby

                      it's not that expensive. and it even comes in a set of cologne with deodorant stick for less than $US50.


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                        Will love to smell all the frangrance below on my man:
                        1) Issey Miyaki - bought different summer collection & classic ones
                        2) Paco Rabanne - XS
                        3) Chanel - Egoiste Platinum
                        4) CK - Contradiction for Men


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                          The Scent Of A Man ...

                          hey ladies!

                          do roll out the names of your favourite men's fragrances, and say why!

                          mine : Clinique Happy For Men (citrusy, fresh)
                          Givenchy Pour Homme (the right mix of class and contemporary)


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                            Threads merged.


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                              whoops, sorry ! missed this thread