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Are these ingredients harmful? Read on..

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  • Are these ingredients harmful? Read on..

    Gals.. need all of your expertise here.. Heard from Jason on my trip to his store that we must try to avoid 3 ingredients - petrolatum, mineral oil and lanolin..

    But when i go home and have a look at my m/u remover (a japanese brand which i bought from the beauty store from heeren), it contains mineral oil.. Gosh!! but i've been using for at least a year.. i don't think it gives me problem.. rather i feel clean after washing.. Does mineral oil really do harm our skin??

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    i think mineral oil clogs the pores


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      Originally posted by angeldiane
      i think mineral oil clogs the pores
      According to a list of ingredients i got from the net, it states mineral oil is a natural kind of oil which doesn't clog pores nor irritate the skin.. then which to believe... Sigh...

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        hi summer27

        I also think there are two views out there.
        Sage skincare says it is good and non pore clogging.
        Dermalogica says it is bad and their products dont contain those.

        I think it all depends on your own skin.
        If you have been using it for one yr, then I dont think it poses a problem for you. ( or is the ingredient quite down on the list? )

        For me, i try to avoid it. Because my skin is oily and so easily clogged. Sigh~


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          An ingredient which may clog for a person, may not clog for the other.....different skin own theory


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            I also think there are 2 theories out there.. Fiona, u r right.. the mineral oil ingredient is really the last on the list but don't know if the ingredients are in order a not..

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              hi Summer27

              The ingredients of the product are usually listed in order. Not sure which website I got this information from. But if it is the first, then that means the product has more of that ingredient. If it is the last, then usually there is only a little and thus wont cause much problem.

              So maybe since it is last on the list, then it could be that is the reason that it hasnt cause any problems for you.

              But I am not sure also.
              Sage skincare has mineral oil in them. Many people claim this skincare saved their skin. So that means it works for them.
              But for me, my skin just break out from it. So I try to steer clear from mineral oil.

              So hopefully there will be a clear theory on this soon.

              Just like some people who say that food causes breakouts and some websites i found say that food doesnt cause breakouts ( I try to agree with this theory when i am eating chocolates or crabs.. haha ). So who knows really...

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                Fully agree with u..
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                  Just a polite highlight-

                  Back on topic, I think some ingredients are commonly known to cause problems, but work fine for a few. And vice versa.


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                    Thing is, although dermologica says no-no to mineral oil, they use sodium lauryl sulphate in some of their cleansers, which sage and Paula Begoun both say is comedogenic and irritating to the skin. So how?? I think in general mineral oil, and the others, like jojoba and whatever else, should be used with caution if you already have oily skin and clogged pores, but I think what matters more if whether the oils "solidify" when they are dry. Like ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and petrolatum, solidify, if you leave them to dry.

                    Another thing: According to Paula, BHAs need to be put in a oily solution in order to work (conversely, AHAs are water soluble), as they need to "dissolve" the oil in our pores. It can't be in water based solutions cos then it would be separated from the oil in our pores (common oil and water theory). Hence her 2% BHA is in a rather oily-feeling solution.

                    (I disagree with Paula on a lot of other things though! I guess I'm just one confused gal...)


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                      Wow!! Think you are familiar with those terms..
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                        For me I don't believe in most of what Paula says in her book. What works for some may not work for others. For me, I am not too obsessed with ingredients. If I have breakouts I wld stop using that product. Paula products for instance broke out on me big time while I had no problems with products like Dermalogica, Clarins or others which were slammed by her. So I still believe that it really depends on individual.


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                          Pore Clogging Ingredients

                          Ok i get really confused with pore clogging ingredietns. I read from a site <a href="">Pore clogging ingredietns list</a> Saying that AHA also will clog pores, alcohol, fragrance too ??? Which is right i thought AHA helps skin ??? Getting confused? If alcohol clog pores why alcohol and fragrance contain most in toners ????

                          <a href=",,218216,00.html?arrivalSA=1&cobrandRef=0&arrival _freqCap=1&pba=adid=6836584">here are the list of good alternative</a> of the ingredients we can use

                          Well Personally i think it depends on individuals alot of the products contains those clogging ingredients, and nohting to the ppl that i have encountered. So i would say just make this ingredients a reference ~

                          Hey guys read here about <a href="">Mineral oil and Lanolin</a> Actually there are alot of type of lanolin, those used <u>lanolin oil</u>, can be used to our skin the url website says, its diff from <u>Lanolin</u> which can bring damages to acne prone skin or ....
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                            Jason from Trinity Tricolore told me to avoid these products that have these ingredients in the top 4 - 5 ingredients.

                            - Petroleum
                            - Mineral Oil
                            - Lanolin/Lanolate
                            - Essential Oil (e.g. lavender, calendula, grape-seed oil)
                            - AHA and BHA

                            For AHAs and BHAs, they are acids that might irritate the pores and lead to breakouts.

                            I think it all depends on how your skin reacts to the ingredients. But if you have very acne prone skin, it's better to be safe than sorry!

                            Another cotter has posted this other ingredient list on comedogenicity of ingredients previously. I find it quite useful and easy to refer to. There's also a clarification about lanolin oil in this article. The synthetic lanolins cause acne but the natural lanolin oil (from sheeps) doesn't.

                            Comedogenic and Irritating Ingredients
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                              Hello visee thanks for the info , Well AHA and BHA cause breakout but why those dermatologist use them to treat acne cases as well, i think i agreed with ur answer that individuals respond to products differently
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