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  • pore cleanser

    hey anyone here using a pore cleanser? those electronics type? are they really good for keeping our face clean?

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    I have one up for sales soon, it's a National Brand Pore Cleanser, cant remember its model now.

    Do drop me a PM if you're interested, but it;s only available in Jan 2004, because i'm currently in KL.

    As regarding your questions, i suggest it to be used on Normal/Oily skin, which doesnt suffer from any sensitivity before. Its suction strength is not as good as the salon type, but it's fine for home use. It helps to suck out dirt/oil from pores.

    I'm selling this because i'm going for facial regularly now, so i doont need it.


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      Is it safe? I'm kinda skeptical. As it is, I don't find facials terribly effective. How are we to know if the thing really works?

      I came across this product called Pore Cleansing Lotion. By Clearasil. $6.95. Ha ha! Anyway, I didn't recognise any of the active ingrdients, not that I'm well-versed about such in the first place. It serves to prevent spots (zits) when you use this.