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    Just got myself a bottle of virtual skin- I LOVE it! Its super sheer, dewy and natural, melts right into your skin and imparts a nice glow But on the downside, I don't think its suitable for oilier skin days, cause there isn't much oil-control to speak of.

    As for Chanel DPF, its great if you want something really matte, but I don't like it much cause on days when my skin is a little dehydrated, it seem to enhance the lines/flakies. Plus, as matte as it is when you first apply, the oil-control is only 5/10 IMO.


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      Originally posted by mango
      Plus, as matte as it is when you first apply, the oil-control is only 5/10 IMO.
      Yup, agree with mango on this one. Chanel DPF is matte on application but oil control is not great IMO too.

      Anyone tried the Biotherm Sense Matte that Vonnie mentioned?


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        i have oily skin and the chanel SA recommended me Teint Controle Compact instead of DPC.. which is better? she said that DPC is more for combination skin but i've never heard much raves about TCC. I need a foundation that is very matte. Please help!


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          DPF hands down!!

          Although everybody's skin is different, for me DPF is my holy grail matte foundation

          My skin is extremely oily, especially in the summer but for some annoying reason, it doesn't cooperate well with really drying foundations ie. EL Double Matte. When i have on a really constricting foundation, my skin feels smouldered and it rebels by producing even more oil

          Anyways, DPF lets my skin breathe and the coverage can range from light to medium/full depending on how you apply it. Given, it will accentuate flakies/dry patches, but usually a good moisturizer underneath will help solve the problem.

          I find that DPF gives great oil controlling properties, but that's just me, YMMV. When i do get oily, it's more of a glowy type of look rather than just plain greasy.

          I could probably go on for pages how much DPF has done for me, but i'll stop here HTH^^


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            Oh, i also went and got a sample of Sense Matte a few days ago. Haven't had the chance to try it, but after i do, i'll be sure to post a review!


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              Hey Ladies :yaya:

              Was wondering if any of you ladies have tried both Chanels Double perfection fluide and Diorlight? I'm wanting to get either one of these and would like to know which one is less accentuating on the flakies? and also which one has more yellowy shades?



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                I still have not bought any - so busy with work I cannot even just pop by robinsons (5mins walk from my office desk!) to try anything.

                I will go feel Estee EL matte & check out if there's any promos going on - really sucker for free stuff Chanel is really stingy you are entitled only a free sample for each item you buy & i have experienced some SAs who pretend not to hear you when you ask for a sample when I did buy something.

                Might get a friend to get chanel DPF from the airport for me.


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                  Apparently prescriptives is d/cing their 100% oil-free and I've read raves on their new product virtual matte at MUA Productville. Anyone knows when this will be in SG?

                  I was wondering about what Shortie said about how when she has on a really constricting foundation, her skin feels smouldered and it rebels by producing even more oil. Skincare works the same way doesn't it? If you over-wash your face, your skin gets stripped & it starts producing more oil.

                  So what's the best solution then for oily skin gals? A foundation that has moderate instead of super oil-control properties?

                  Just my 2 cents worth 'cos I'm also on the hunt for a mattifying foundation!


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                    i am not into mattifiers & just to state my concerns as i did try some testers & found them reeking of alcohol this could furthur dry the skin causing it to produce more oil in attempting to balance out the moisture level to the skin.

                    I would say a very matte foundation is good but its really hard to blend sometimes but i was purposely seeking one out as I was into moisturiser then SPF so its already alot of lotion/wetness wanted to balance out with a very matte foundation.

                    Now, i just skip moisturiser & straight into the SPF as most are moisturising enough & the weather is not getting any more cooler in Singapore.

                    super oily skin girls should check their skincare to see if they are using a cleanser that's too hash or are they scrubbing too much & if they are hydrating enough too. Moisturiser can sometimes be skipped but if you find that when you use a light moisturiser your oiliness is better controled then it could be that the skin is dehydrated so the oil comes out to compensate it.

                    if all else fails, get a super matte foundation, blot few times a day & try to stay indoors.


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                      Have to agree with vit_c. I have very oily skin and am always plagued by the "shiny face" problem. Nowadays, I just use toner followed by a hydrating essence and just skip moisturiser when I put on my foundation. I feel that it helps

                      Though I still get breakthrough shine, it takes longer before this happens and it is not as bad as before. We have to be realistic I guess, cannot expect miracles to happen

                      My experience with very matte foundation or ultra oil-controlling foundation is that they accentuate the dry area under my eyes really badly


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                        vonnie, slightly OT but what hydrating essence do you use?


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                          Jo, I was using Water Bank Essence from Laneige. Using IPSA Moisture Keep Up samples now. Will be getting the full size Moisture Keep Up soon


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                            Giorgio Armani Matte Silk Foundation

                            It's worth every penny, that foundation! I have to admit the selection of shades aren't that varied, since they're mostly pink-based. Found quite a good match with MSF#2, I'm RMK Creamy #102.

                            Now the good points. It's got better oil-control than RMK Creamy, and even after many many hours (5 hours thereabouts) it's only very slight sheen that looks more towards glowy than oily really. It has this very faint scent that I really love too!

                            Doesn't turn patchy on me like RMK would occasionally (and MSF doesn't accentuate dry areas, like under-eye). And I prefer MSF's finish, very suede-feel. I would say coverage is medium, perhaps slightly sheerer than RMK (also more runny).

                            Can't be more glad I've got this foundation!


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                              I used to love DPF when my skin was oilier.. now it's more dehydrated combination so I use Vitalumiere Fluide instead.

                              If you're looking for other matte foundations to try, Sisley Transmat is lovely too.. leaves a really soft matte finish.. you can pick up a very generous sample sachet from any Sisley counter.

                              oh and YSL are launching a new matte foundation soon incase anyone is interested, Teint Matte Purete or something


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