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  • Color Treatment

    Hi girls.
    Just want to find out more about this color treatment thingy.
    Is it treatment plus color or ??? another type of coloring?
    My colleague onli does color treatment as she swears by it. Any idea if its drying or good for your hair?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi all,

    I have done this before. It's actually a hair dye which is not as damaging as other normal hair colorings, and I actually find it quite ok as compared to others that made my hair dry.

    In any way, I think best is to ask the stylist what exactly the color treatment is consist of.


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      i did this before as well.. it's supposed to be amilder form of hair colouring. my stylist told me it would last for a few months but mine lasted for over a year.. i think it really depends on your hair. hths!


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        hi gals,

        i am keen in the colour treatment. which salon can i go to and which stylist is good. what is the price of a colour treatment? thanks


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          Hi anyone can state where to get a color treatment??

          I am in an urgent to get a darker color for presentation!!!

          Hope that some one able to reply!!



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            i did mine at kimage..about 60bucks..


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              pls elaborate on colour treatment

              Sound interesting, this colour treatment thing.. Is it hair dyeing? Or hightlighting?


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                i tried it before.... but i did it together with my highlight at that time, so cant really determine how good the colour is..... its another kinda treatment on top of the normal kind we have..... colour would fade away eventually, so you have no problem in venturing various kinda colours


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                  colour treatment is not like dyeing which spoils your hair because of the strong contents and it'd dry out your ends. It is not treatment at all, I think it is another type of hair colouring.

                  colour treatment is milder but one con is that the colour doesn't stay and even after a few days colour will run (ie when you towel dry your hair, colour will wear out and towel will get stained. <-- happens to me.

                  colour treatment usually stays and gradually fades after 3-4 months. 5 the most. Raine, I kind of doubt yours is colour treatment because it lasted for a year. (ok maybe it is but probably not Loreal's)


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                    Regular colour treatment

                    Where do you do your regular hair colour treatment?
                    How much do you pay for your hair length?

                    Looking for a change of my regular salon.


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                      i go to my regular at Bedok.. a touch up + treatment + trimming hair cost around $50.. whole head is around $80...

                      i used to dye my hair monthly as i have grey hairs.. though im only 28...
                      now i use the Indian henna to DIY myself


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                        Hair Color Treatment

                        Hi! Anyone knows where I can do a hair colour treatment, instead of using hair dye? I'm thinking of changing my hair colour to black for a few days (in the mood for a change of colour) and thereafter, change it back to my dark blond shade.

                        I understand hair dye is very harsh therefore am looking for any salons providing hair color treatment. Any suggestions? Many thanks!


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                          u can try REDs at bugis.. but it is like 100 plus ... but my fren mentioned that it only last for like 2 months.. so I am still contemplating....


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                            Nichole, who has just opened her new shop at Khatib, has colour treatment


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                              I have done colour treatment last november at the amk hair salon. my hair is around waist long and i was charged $75. quite cheap i would say! she told me that it's less damaging and the colour would fade off as you wash your hair gradually. so it isn't obvious when your hair grows. the colour treamtment can be builded up as in, the more times you do, the colour would be nicer.