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  • Dehydrated skin

    hi girls,

    i am looking for products that can help my dehydrated skin. water based products that can add moisture in terms of water , not conventional lotion or cream cause they just lie on top on my skin...
    tried laneige water sleeping pack but does not help much, any other suggestions?

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    Try using hydration mask everynight. It makes great difference, *only if you are hardworking enough to use everynight*.

    I also have very dehydrated skin, I'm using Fancl MCP and Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask, both do the job very well, it's just that MCP is tad sticky... and it's more expensive for such small tube. Both can be use on eye area as well, so I use Dermalogica on the whole face, and MCP on eye, because Derma hydrating mask stings my eyes a little...

    As for hydrating serum, I'm using a salon brand called Cellnique, I got it in KL, heard that kimarie carry this brand? I'm not sure, i never buy from there. It's called Oasis Soothing Gel, as its name imply, it's gel type, quite cooling upon application, and absorb into skin fast, no sticky feeling as well. It's actually designed for sensitive skin use, but since it's hydrating, so it's for all skin type as well... HTHs


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      you can try avene's instant moisture soothing mask. its quite good :] best to get samples from the SA. that way you'll know if it suits you before buying the whole tube.


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        Oh, i have tried Avene Instant Soothing Mask, it's creame type, whereas Dermalogica Skin hyrdrating mask and Fancl MCP is gel type.

        But i find that AVene Instant Soothing Mask doesnt really helps, like my skin doesnt absorb it... Can give it a try if sample is available...


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          I have tried avene instant smoothing mask too... had bumps after that... returned it.

          dont like a creamy moisture mask also.

          personally prefer skii aqua pack, sisley express flower gel, fancl MPC. So far, fave is more of the skii and sisley one. fancl mpc works if used daily... after one application, you most probably wont see much improvement. for the sisley and skii one, i saw improved hydration after one application and skin doesnt flake that much... used to look like the face is shedding skin for renewal.... faint.


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            if you have very dry flakey skin, MCP wouldn't work.. at least it didn't when my skin was in that condition last year. even using it daily didn't help. i guess MCP would be good for skin that isn't so dry.

            fancl's yoghurt mask works wonders for me though. comes in 3 parts - the base (rhythmn up pack) and 2 toppings (vege pack + some other which i can't recall ). all sold seperately. i usually mix the base with the vege pack and my skin does feel much softer and supple afterwards.

            only rant is that its rather expensive so i use it once a week or less

            base (4 packs) is $20 IIRC
            vege pack (4 packs) is $16 IIRC


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              Yeah, i agree with duckiee, Fancl yogurt mask gives more intensive treatment than MCP. But it's a little more ex than MCP...


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                I find masking helps tremendously. After being introduced to [email protected], I began masking nearly every day, every other day at all. My skin is considerably more hydrated!

                Try the [email protected] Pearl Protein mask for extra strong hydration and IPSA Refiner Water Massage.

                For Laneige, I think you have to use it daily if you really want results.


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                  I think I beg to differ here. I find that Fancl MCP does quite a decent job if used on a daily basis, right after bathing I can see the difference I have very dehydrated and flakey skin as a result of Retin A gel. When I use MCP daily, I can see my skin more supple. But once I stop using, the skin goes back to looking less plumped up though


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                    good that it works for you von!
                    i wish it does on me too cause its a cheaper alternative compared to their yoghurt pack.


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                      I have extremely dry skin, and have had really great results from using Valmont Renewing pack! I love this item, when my skin needs a pick-me-up!


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                        Cosme Decorte's Moisture Liposome will absorbed deep down to the skin and continue moisturization in 12 hours. Can also apply on eyes too. I'm always dehydrated but now no more But ML is quite expensive that's true.


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                          Originally posted by duckiee
                          good that it works for you von!
                          i wish it does on me too cause its a cheaper alternative compared to their yoghurt pack.
                          But the results are not lasting at all Really have to use it diligently everyday if I want the to see constant results. But the big problem is, I am lazy Don't think I will continue after this tube runs out


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                            Second on SKII Aqua Pack. Almost my daily mask now. If you want better moisturizing effect, just wipe the mask off with the tissue provided (gently). Then, follow by SKII Essence & moisturizer. When you wake up in the next morning, you can see a "shui shui" (water-like), smooth & translucent skin from the mirror. Describption from the official website:

                            FACIAL TREATMENT AQUA PACK (75g)

                            A daily moisturizing gel-mask which gives dehydrated skin intensive moisture, making it soft and supple again

                            ? Contains 4x Pitera? and APS Gel which quickly absorb into the skin, gradually releasing their hydrating ingredients, so skin stays moisturized for hours. (can up to 12 hours )

                            ? Best used in the shower. Apply SK-II Aqua Pack after cleansing face. The heat from the shower will help increase absorption. Use the special wipe sheet provided to wipe it off after your shower. Use daily on the entire face, including around the eyes and mouth areas.

                            Since I used this often, my skin is less oily now & I reduce the purifying mask usage to 1x per week or 2x per week. It helps my skin maintaining a balance water-oil level.


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                              I have severely dehydrated skin too. Tried Dermalogica Multivit Recovery Mask, which I found to be really soothing and comfortable. Most hydrating do serve the main purpose of calming but this one scored points from me. I just felt that my parched skin was throughly soaked. I didn't have a whole tube to test if it's really good, though.

                              Check out the Hydrating Masks thread for more ideas. But don't OD on masking. Moderation is still the order of the day.