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  • Cheap, Rich Moisturisers

    I tried searching for a thread on this, but couldn't find one! If one does exist, dlmk please!

    Anyway, I'm looking for a moisturiser that's rich enough for winter, but wouldn't make me break out and is affordable.

    Any recommendations for drugstore moisturisers?

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    How much do you consider cheap?
    What about Dermalogica Skin SMoothing cream and Cetaphil moisturising lotion...


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      cheap would be below S$20 (or 7GBP)?

      I'll go see if Boots has those. THankies!


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        Xue, perhaps you can try Jergens. cheap and good


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          Originally posted by LizzyDizzy
          Xue, perhaps you can try Jergens. cheap and good
          Hi Xue, you want it for face or body? I dont think Jergens have someting for face right?? ANyway, go check it out...
          Cetaphil moisturising lotion is only $16+...


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            For the face, I'll recommend Eucerin's moisturiser. Not sure how much it is in UK though, they've got a good range there.

            For body, Neutrogena(can't remember which one I used) and Eucerin's Intensive F Lotion worked well for me. Good value for the prices.


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              When i was overseas (and broke) i used oil of olay. It comes with different formulas and richness. I'm sure you'd be able to find one for yourself!


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                I 2nd Cetaphil moisturising cream and Nivea, the one in the blue tin. Alot of raves for Nivea in MUA. HTH!


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                  Thanks girls!!

                  I was looking for a facial moisturiser, but I'd need a body one too soon once my Origins one runs out. I'm too broke for branded skincare right now! Especially if I can find a decent drug store one.

                  Cetaphil sounds like it's the most highly recommended! I'll try looking for that, and then checking out the rest

                  Thank you so much girls! Will post reviews.


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                    I've had luck with OoO. Perhaps not as rich as you'd have liked for the winters. Good luck, Xue!


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                      Hey Xue!

                      I second the Eucerin recommendation! Introduced to this brand by another sweetie onboard and this works great on my very dry skin(when i was on a course of roaccutane!)

                      Not exactly very cheap (around SIN$20) but i think it's one of the best drugstore brand for moistursing !

                      HTHs !


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                        OoO Total Effects seems to have gotten lots of good reviews in singapore. i have not tried it though. perhaps you can give this a try?


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                          So far, the most recommended ones seem to be:

                          - Cetaphil
                          - Oil of Olay
                          - Eucerin


                          Thanks so much for helping me girls!


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                            How about TBS Vit E cream? I used it during the cold winter in Kansas USA


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                              For body, both my cousins (different homes) stocks up (huge bots) on Vaseline in Canada. Every bathroom has a bottle. I figured it must be good. Its the richer versions...can't find in Singapore though.

                              TBS Vit E Hand and Nail did nothing for me when I went there and it was summer then.