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    sobs! I just came back to find translucide foundations discontinued?? Why ?? Anyone knows where I can still find these to stock up? grr .... this always happens!

    Did I put this in the right forum? I'm not sure.

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    hi girl, what brand are u referring to here?


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      oops ... L'oreal's translucide liquid foundation ... golden beige. Why do they always discontinue good stuff? Should have bought it when I was in Oz, but it was more expensive and came in the old glass bottle.


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        i used to have golden beige, sold already, left light beige now. U can try yahoo auction or mua and see if anyone stocks that up
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          Re: Translucide where ?

          Originally posted by lux
          sobs! I just came back to find translucide foundations discontinued?? Why ?? Anyone knows where I can still find these to stock up? grr .... this always happens!

          Did I put this in the right forum? I'm not sure.
          If I am determined to get something, I would go islandwide to look for it. That is what I did when they discontinued their Shock Resist! Like you, I also wonder they always discontinue good stuffs!

          You can try from the auctions but I think chances are that for those who stock up, they must like translucide as much as you do. Hopefully there are someone who realise that they dislike the foundation and decides to sell it. Good Luck!

          If not, as a last resort, you can do what I do...Go look for it at various parts of Singapore, especially those places that may seem more secluded where the crowd is less. You may be able to find it if it has just been discontinued...Goodluck!


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            i think those smaller beauty shops will still have older stock do check those in your area!


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              But izit still safe to purchase it since it had already been discontinue for quite some time already?


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                thanks girls. I think I may go look for it in those small shops.........and stock up when I find it


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                  Where can I find L'oreal Quickstick?


                  Has anyone seen Loreal Quickstick around? Apparently, it has been discontinued I can't find them in NC Essentials. Please LMK if you see them somewhere. Thanks!


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                    saw translucide 2-way cake foundation sold at a store (like sinma, ta zhiang kind of store) at bendemeer shopping mall (next to boon keng mrt station)

                    not sure if the liquid version is available though. . ..


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                      Loreal Sheer Cashmere

                      Perhaps many of us probably would disregard Loreal considering it is a 'low end' brand.
                      My mum tried the Sheer Cashmere, a powder foundation which came with yesterday's Sunday Times !!! It was quite good!
                      anyone tried it?


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                        I tried the tester at Sasa and did not really like the texture. Maybe it's just me


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                          I only tried some on the back of my hand using the testing at Metro Paragon. My concern is, does it seep into lines? Can anybody who has tried on the face comment on that?

                          By the way, heard that the two darker shades are not available yet.


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                            i also tried the sample that came with sunday times!

                            feels quite 'amazed' when the foundatin turns into powdery form when u blend it into ur skin. but the thing is, the powder is almost invisible and fine, i'm unable to guage how much i need! but i like it's soft and fine texture. gives good coverage too.

                            will update again at the end of the day regarding its oil control.


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                              Got the sample yesterday from my bf's house and is using it today.

                              So far the oil control is fine with me. I applied it at 7am this morning and the oil start showing on me slightly after 12 noon when I step out in the hot sun for lunch.

                              Texture is very soft and fine upon applied to face. Its like gliding on your face (transform from liquid to powder) and yet make my face breatheable. So far I only love my Covermark liquid foundation for its lightness but maybe its just me i feel this loreal cashmere is comparable in lightness on skin.

                              Used the whole package since its so little I think. But so far that amount is enough to cover my cheeks slight blemishes. But the key thing is though my blemishes are covered, I don't feel the thick or caking effect like some liquid foundation might have when you piled too much to cover up.

                              Overall, I am tempted to buy the full tube hee hee but I still have my clinque and my giorgio armani and my covermark that i have yet to finished. :choice: