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  • apple scented body wash

    i love apple scented products! the pure and simple apple ones, not those with hints of this n that..

    anyone know where i can get these? body wash, hair products, etc - preferably in spore.. thanx!

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    Oooh! I'm an apple-scent lover too!

    I don't recall any impressive apple scents locally though. TBS used to make a Green Apple scent, IIRC but not memorable IMO.

    I've tried and BBW Country Apple, for one! Love this one, its fresh crisp apple that's slightly powdery. Very soft, subtle and sweetly scented of apples.
    BBW also makes Winter Candy Apple that is probably not what you are looking for though since its sweeter, more tangy with a hint of spice but delicious all the same cos' you can still smell fresh apples in it!

    A straight true apple scent that I've tried would be Suds & Light Macintosh Apple bodywash. This smelled sort of too clean in its container but when on me, it smelled distinctly like how you slice through a fresh red juicy apple with the juice spritzing out. Dry down is a clean fresh scent of apples. Very true apple scent.
    (btw, S&L is an etailer at

    I notice that apple scents are mostly subtle, they are the fresh & clean type of scent rather than fruity.

    If you want, I can give you a bit of the BBW to try. PM me if you want

    edited to say: All inspired after this post, I just doused myself in BBW Country Apple, great everyday scent
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      haha your descriptions make me hungry!

      yep yep, i love fresh and clean scents, not the heavy type.. lucky you for being able to get the BBW's country apple - did u get it online btw? or on a trip to the USA? i was just in NY darn..

      would love to get a sample of the BBW country apple if you can spare it.. i have some lotion samples too, have pmed you the details, hope to hear from you soon thanx!


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        Cherrycoke, BBW used to have Sparkling Green Apple. Another apple scent that I highly rec. The fresh crisp scent always makes me salivate *drools* It's discontinued now for the longest time and I don't think they will ever bring this back again. Else, there's always ebay


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            I love this product. It nourishes the skin with nutrient-rich formulations that cleanse, hydrate, and protect, while the succulent fruit fragrances stimulate the senses.