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    this is from boots right? didn't see it at bangkok though

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    This cd be a silly question... does it mean the product has strong rose smell?

    Does it smell anything like Anna Sui's product?


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      sky, did you get this from sephora?

      it sounds like what my flaky skin needs.


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        mich, its sold at sephora =)


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          Originally posted by Sky
          What's with Boots and Bangkok?

          Faint rose scent it has.
          i saw this brand 'fresh' selling at the boots in bangkok but did not see the product, so i'm just wondering where you got it from


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            sky, rotten roses? oh my.

            i think the only product i'm lemming from Fresh is the brown sugar body scrub.


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              The Boots Fresh! range is a different one from the Fresh Sky is talking about.

              I didn't know there was a Sephora in SG?


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                Does the Fresh Rose Face Mask leave a film after use? I didn't buy this as I don't like the rose scent at all when I tried this at the counter. You couldn't have described it better, Nic. "Rotten Rose" it is.

                I still the umbrian clay bar. This Umbrian clay treatment must be new. ** makes mental note to check it out the next time **
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                  Originally posted by Sky
                  It's US Sephora we're referring to. Sephora hasn't land herself in Asia.
                  I thought so. It's just that I thought you were based in SG, and you mentioned that the shelves were half empty - were you on hols then?


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                    I haven't tried the Umbrian Clay mask yet - got some sample sachets - will post a review when I try it !

                    But I really love their Honey Face Scrub and Sugar Face Polish !
                    The Honey Face Scrub has lovely honey and crushed bamboo as an exfoliator so it's gentle yet oh so clean ! It does not leave any residue and left my skin baby soft !

                    The Sugar Face Polish has strawberries in it and can double up as a mask/scrub. You smooth a layer over, let it sit for around 10-15mins then gently slough off.

                    For sensitive skins, the Honey Face Scrub might be a better option.

                    I am not a big fan of the Rose Face Mask 'cos of the wonderful "fragrance"


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                      anyone tried their products before?



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                        Fresh in Hong Kong

                        Hi ladies, does anyone know if Fresh is still available in Hong Kong? The counters at Seibu and Harbour City seems to have vanished. :huh: Thanks.


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                          I the Fresh Sugarbath series. I tried the one in "lychee" and it has shea butter in it to keep my skin soo soft
                          It also said that sugar in the soap is good to lighten scar marks too

                          I am tempted to do an order via Vpost from the webbie itself! Need the staple soap influx!
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                            Ooo.. I'm lemming the stage door eye palette


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                              Bergamot Anise Tonic Water delivers instantly rehydrating and toning mists of pure and active floral waters. Formulated with 100% pure eco-concentrates: floral and herbal extractions captured and crystallized at the height of potency. Moisture plumps the skin for a toned complexion and the aromatic experience adds a mood-enhancing dimension.
                              brightens and balances
                              contains revitalizing lavender
                              ideal for normal to oily skin
                              250ml/8.6 fl oz

                              the lotus eye gel also sounds good...

                              Lotus Eye Gel is a revitalizing fluid formula that alleviates puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue with a unique combination of highly-developed and preventive botanicals.
                              anti-inflammatory lotus instantly penetrates to deflate puffiness and tone eye area
                              green coffee extract and ginko biloba stimulate circulation, decongest puffiness and prevent accumulation of toxins
                              soothing cucumber extract and porphyridium cruentum, the concentrated micro-sea algae first used by Fresh, revive tired eyes
                              green tea and grapeseed polyphenols defend against aging free radicals
                              15ml/0.5 fl oz

                              would anyone be interested in a spree...?
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