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    Dol, try this: Renew - antifungal cuticle oil

    nourishes and conditions the cuticle while providing natural anti-fungal protection. This therapeutic cuticle oil is a unique blend of essential oils and rich moisturizers combined with natural anti-fungal ingredients.

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    I bought this Renew - antifungal cuticle oil in an impulse.

    it was really good. I don't use it regularly but I noticed that it does help me to grow stronger nails (my nails was brittle at one time).

    My big toe nails used to crack in between layers last time. I used it on them and now the nails are don't crack that easily.


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      Saw Nail Tek on sale at DFS Scotts. It is at the manicure station
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        Tested out the Nail Tek 7 days to beautiful hands masque and creme its wonderful! my hands feel moistrised.

        think my 3 oz will last for quite some time too!


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          strawberry lush..i tried that before and nail polish turn cloudly after half a bottle! i got so fed up i threw it away. it is good..but wats the point after half bottle like that..
          dont know why it happened to me...


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            Dewy, that's so unfortunate. Mine lasted more than a year even though it does thicken up after a while like most nail polishes do. All you need to do is to add thinner into it. (As advised by Nail Tek's distributor)


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              Just for info, Nailtique is actually the original formula. Then came Nailtek, which is a knockoff. But it works just as well and much cheaper.


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                I haven't seen Nailtiques in Spore..Probably the best place to get it is transdesign. Even buying it in US's retail stores is too expensive.

                Ok, just some info for both Nailtek and Nailtiques...
                I-for normal nails
                II-to make soft nails hard
                III-to make hard nails soft

                I made a mistake when I first started using it, I thought the bigger the number, the better the strength. But later I found out, I was wrong. Need to use the correct formula for your nails, otherwise your nails will turn out horrible.

                Usually, most people are ok with II.


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                  what about NailTek Xtra?


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                    A spa my mum frequents is having 20% off nail tek products! if anyone is interested, i will be happy to start a spree.


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                      Originally posted by Queenie
                      All you need to do is to add thinner into it. (As advised by Nail Tek's distributor)
                      Please do not add acetone or nail polish remover. Either of these will diminish the effectiveness of the strengthener.

                      That stuff at the bottom of your nail polish bottle is perfectly good color without the liquefying solvents. Extend is simply new solvent. Add a little bit to your polish bottle, and you're back in business! Works on every color.


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                        formulation I/II and II are base coats, any raves for the nail tek top coat?


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                          Duckiee -> Xtra is like corrective formulae for severe nail weakness. It is more concentrated compared to the Intensive Theraphy or Maintenance Plus which is more like a continuing treatment for daily wear. HTH!

                          Snowstar -> Foundation Ridge Filling Nail Strengthener are base coat.

                          Whereas Nail Tek Strengtheners like Maintenance Plus I, Intensive Therapy II or Protection Plus III Conditioner are top coats.

                          One thing: I am pretty concerned with its ingredient though especially Formaldahyde Etocrylene is found in there.


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                            Where can I get Nail Tek Extend or any other product to make my nailpolish less gloopy and less thick in the bottle? Thanks!


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                              mel, Mavala has a nail polish thinner.