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    does anyone know how yankee candle's sage & citrus smells like?

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    I've never tried Yankee tarts only a jar candle that I bidded off ebay. Scent throw is not very impressive, almost like White Barn candles. Not worth it in my opinion. Or maybe...I got a really old candle.

    I read that Yankee tarts are quite hugely raved in MUA too.

    I've never burnt candles in non-aircon room before but I'm guessing it's got to do with enclosed space. That's why the fragrance seems to be stronger in air-conditioned rooms.

    All this talk is making me want to buy candles again...


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      My experience with Yankee tarts is lousy too. Hardly any scents and i have to go very near to the tart warmer to sniff !! The candles are slightly better but all in all, it's rather bland for a much raved-about brand

      LOL tarts are way better than Yankee's IMHO


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        Hey Nic!

        If you check out My Lovely Candles, you can find reviews on Yankee Candles. Seems like quite a few girls have found that their scent throw is mediocre. So perhaps LOL or SSC would be better bets? These two e-tailers are also cheaper.


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          then that's a different story altogether! Their accessories seem pretty classy


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            Count me in, Nic!

            I like this:



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              I have tried Yankee scented votives and tarts.

              I don't fancy the scented votives although the Buttercream I got smelled soooo wonderful close to the nose, really true to scent. However on burning, the throw was not strong and there was a sooty smell along with what little scent throw there was.

              As for the tarts, same review as the other girls. Not fab in scent throw but better than the scented votives and didn't have the burning sooty smell.


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                hey Nic...I was referring to this. US$6.50 for this sounds good ya?

                Removable tray Should I? Should I? :choice:


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                  Rac, this one's an open tart burner. May be a good idea to get an enclosed one so you wouldn't get too much of the sooty smell from the tealight.
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                    simply no idea about the car jars too! it's a case of monkey see, monkey do!
                    i was looking for something to scent up the car. I don't like the conventional air freshner sold here.


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                      It IS metal after looking at the bigger picture. Looks quite pretty closed-up.

                      Honestly, I am having a hard time deciding which 'ones' to get. Half my mind is to just get everything in one website which is


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                        Yankee Spree - Payment

                        Hi hi my fair ladies,

                        Do check at CozySpree regarding the individual payment for the orders made.



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                          looks nice

                          will there be a spree? i wanted to get this:


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                            their apple and rose tea light candles sounds sweet!

                            at US$7.99 for 12 tea lights...would anyone like to share?


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                              I bought the buttercream and peppermint cocoa tarts yesterday! The buttercream smells on-so-delish. Exactly like vanilla ice cream. Haven't burned them yet but from the cold throw, they sure smell good!

                              Does anyone know which has the strongest scent throw? I smelt the housewarmers and they were pretty good but I settled for the tarts so that I could try more scents. But I'm sooo lemming a buttercream housewarmer. Yankee tarts are supposed to have rather poor scent throw but the cranberry chutney ones that I have are actually pretty ok to me. Just nice for my little room.