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  • iCoreana (Korean shop @ Heeren)

    hey wondering whether anyone of your tried any products from the korean skin care shop at herren? feel like trying their ginseng mask..

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    Hi Qian, I've bought masks from them. The shop's called Corea if I'm not wrong. Five different kinds if I remember correctly. I think I posted in the masking thread and has been deleted. Green Tea, Ginseng, Aloe Vera and I can't remember the 2 more. Comes in individual packings.

    The masks that I used are sheet masks and the sheets are really thin, filmsy and ill-fitting. There's nothing to rave about for their masks. Normal hydrating mask. It's not very expensive I remember. I bought like 5 masks for less than 20 bucks.

    Since it's so cheap, just go and try. Should be safe since I didn't experience any pimples from using it.


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      Coreana: Entia and LacVert

      Hi , has anyone used Entia and LacVert skincare ? Both are korean skincare. They can be bought at iCoreana at Heeren. I though tought using their products but thought mayb i should gather sme reviews from cotters who are using them or used them before.
      Any good recommendations for combi/oily skin?


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        I don't find entia particularly good but I think LaVert is a rather famous brand in Korea. I have a friend who absolutely love La Vert.

        they have many ranges of products for different skin types. I remember see a range for sensitive and a range of acne.


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          A really nice SA at Beauty Language gave me loads of samples for Entia skincare - the whitening range. I tried the toner, emulsion and essence. I find it OK only. Nothing spectacular.

          From Coreana (which makes Entia), I have the Nok Du purifying pack, which is a rinse off mask. Very nice. It's not a clay mask, it's more like a moisturising/nourishing type of mask (I think Koreans have a different philosophy towards purifying??). Leaves the skin feeling really soft. The smell may be somthing you have to get used to though. V beany.

          I have the cleanser from Entia too. (Herb Nature Foam Cleansing). It's non-drying, and smells quite ok. But I guess there are lots of cleansers out there that can do better.

          Hope this helps a little!


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            Thanx lluvia, I thought Entia is really fantastic coz the way the SA promoted it. I was really on the verge of getting the pores minimizing range or the green color range from them. Phew! I tried Laneige and found their moisturiser pretty gd but i happen to see this Coreana shop and was tempted by the Entia range. Guess I will stick to Laneige and get the whole range coz i heard from some review s here that i the cleanser is quite gd and esp the water sleeping pack. At last I can make a decision


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              I bought the Entia green bottle range (which is for oily skin/Pore control range) :

              1) Forming Cleanser : Contains AHA and plant DNA, - smell nice, so far not break out and non drying.

              2) Powery toner : bought but havn't use. Know it contains alcohol, nice smelling.... (currently using the SKII toner. Will finish that Expensive staff before moving to this).

              3) Serum Free Essense : Like the nice smell and the instantly mattified texture (this is better than the lancom one I used before and much more cheaper).

              4) Pore Control Emulson : This the moisturizer/balancing lotion. Nice smelling too. Easily absorbed by the skin. Personally I prefer this than the SKII Skin clearing lotion which is not easily absorbed and did not control/regulate/normalized my oily face...

              Overall I think this really helps to make my face less shinny and worth $$ compare to the SKII product I was using.....


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                Hey anyone know, where they moved out ?? went to heeren to buy anti aging cream for my mom but the shops is no longer around


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                  should try the winter sonata sheet mask - by 1 shop JJANG at far east but now they move to ubi techpark , in their office . their sheet mask , gel mask , eyemask etc n colour cosmetics r really good . give a call ...u will not regret ...n is cheap


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                    Originally posted by Blue_Bear
                    Hey anyone know, where they moved out ?? went to heeren to buy anti aging cream for my mom but the shops is no longer around

                    should try the ginseng skincare fm Jjang , they r rather effective .....not neccessary to buy so ex... they hv good mask there .


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                      Shall revive this forum, anyone using Coreana products from korea?