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    Hi all,

    Just wanna share my experience going to Asian Skin Solutions. I received a text saying that I won some free trial so I decided to give them a try. Although I have a few packages with other spas, I’m always on the lookout for new places to try because I find facials very relaxing. So I called to make an appointment and decided to go to their outlet at Park Mall.

    Arrived at 7.30pm for my appointment and found that the outlet looked very small. I didn’t like their reception area and saw boxes of customer details on the floor as well. The place looked too small and untidy. Moreover, I had to explain several times to a few girls that I do not speak Chinese because they kept trying to speak to me in Chinese. Since the small ‘sofa’ was already used up by 2 girls, they gave me one of the counter seats and asked me to fill up a form. On the form I noticed they asked about salary as well so I just drew a line across that question – it had no relevance to the facial. As I was waiting for my turn, I an Indian lady emerging from the room and the consultant was asking her how her facial went. The lady replied that it was ‘just ok’. The therapist started hard-selling her and the lady just politely refused a few times. This was quite entertaining as they were hard selling another customer in front of me… lol. Finally the customer stood up and left, saying that she needed more time to think about it.

    So there I was, waiting for my facial… time ticked by and it was now 7.45pm. I asked when my facial would start and the girl there kept saying, “soon, soon”. I was like, “how soon is soon? 5 mins? 15 mins?”
    Then I sat down again and waited… it was now 8pm and I was quite agitated. 30 mins was far too long to make a customer wait, it was inexcusable. I stood up and was about to talk to the girl again when another therapist came over and said I could wait in the waiting room now and the therapist would be there soon. Geez… I recognised that as a sign of more waiting to come because the therapist wasn’t even there yet! So they ushered me to a room at the end of a long hallway and I realised that they have quite a lot of rooms inside… although the rooms were tiny, they had quite a lot of rooms and they were all empty. It looked a little depressing, walking by all the empty rooms and seeing so many therapists just walking around. I also saw the sign, “Tokyo Bust Express” inside one of the rooms and realised that these two companies are working together or they are under the same company.

    I sat in a room filled with pictures of big boobs and waited again. It was kinda funny to see how they advertised their boob enlargement services. 15 mins went by and it was now 8.15pm. I had enough – I stood up, went outside and saw a bunch of therapists talking at another counter. I told them that if they were not ready to start now, I would leave and make an appointment another time. I was not interested in waiting anymore, be it free or not. They asked me to wait inside again and 5 mins later, the therapist finally came and apologised, saying that she was busy with another customer. This was the same therapist that was hard selling the Indian lady when I first entered the outlet.

    She started the consultation by using the usual facial stick camera and taking pictures of different parts of my face. She exclaimed that I have so many blackheads and my face is so dry on the inside that’s why it looks oily on the other side. She also asked me detailed questions like how many glasses of water do I drink a day, what time do I sleep, what time do I wake up, what time do I eat, how many meals do I have, what do I usually eat, what facial brands to I use, what is my facial routine, etc… the list went on. She even asked me what mix am I, where are my parents from, where did I study overseas and then started giving me random compliments. She asked me how often do I scrub and I told her I usually do an exfoliation once a week or once in two weeks. She wrote down my answers then told me that I have been scrubbing too much and I should only scrub once a month. Since I have scrubbed so much, my face has become so sensitive. Her answer was so ridiculous I just smiled and said, “mmmm, okay”.

    She didn’t seem satisfied with my answer so she started telling me that my basic free facial only consisted of a cleanse, steamer, massage, mask, moisturiser. She emphasised that there would be no extraction since this was free. Then why the **** was the steamer one of the steps? Lol. She then explained the ‘premium facial’ which was a treatment, unlike the basic facial (which did not treat any of my ‘problems’). The premium facial included extraction, eyebrow trimming and a more premium mask. Ok, whatever. She kept trying to persuade me to top up; $60 for the premium facial. I told her I only wanted to try the basic facial and I was not going to top up. She continued hard-selling, asking me if I cared about my skin, why don’t I wanna upgrade, is it the price, don’t I realise that the premium facial is so much better, etc… I refused and she finally stopped. While she took 1 second to breathe I said, “so can we start the basic facial now?” and she finally said ok, stood up and brought me to my room to change.

    After changing, I waited another 10 mins for the therapist to enter the room. Was quite pissed with all the waiting by then. The therapist proceeded to cleanse my face then turned on the steamer for 15 mins. Wow, that was far too long considering no extraction was going to be done. She didn’t even ask if it was too hot, she just left. After about 10 mins, I finally turned my face away because it was just too hot and I really didn’t see the point of continuing since there was no extraction! After the therapist came back, she wiped my face and put some cream on my face and did a facial massage. After that, she put on a mask and was about to leave when I asked her how long were they planning to leave this mask on. She told me about 15 mins so I told her to come back in 10 mins as it was growing late and I was going to meet my bf for a late dinner.

    Of course, she didn’t come back in 10 mins and I resorted to blindly knocking on the wall out of desperation (on my left) because I couldn’t see anything and I didn’t want to touch my face (unless you’ve just washed your fingers, dirty fingers will contimate your face!). When the therapist finally came back, it was 20 mins later and I told her I wanted her to come back 10 mins later, not 20 mins later. She pretended that she couldn’t understand what I was saying and just said “anyway you need to leave the mask on for 20 mins” – which wasn’t the point. At this point, her breath smelled of chicken rice so I’m guessing she was having dinner and didn’t want to be disturbed. After she finished the facial, I had a quick change and went outside where they proceeded to hard-sell me. Apparently my face needs ‘lots of help’ and they want me to try their premium facial. Their package price was about $328 for 10 sessions, excluding GST. Sounds cheap right? Well, for a place like that, really… what do you expect? I refused and said the facial was not up to my expectations (even a free facial) and I was not interested. They tried their techniques again and again and I refused, finally saying I need time to think about it anyway. The manager who overheard our conversation got so irritated she called the therapist over and started whispering together (although it wasn’t really whispering, since I could hear their conversation) and told the therapist to sell me the package for $288 but I have to purchase it now and no waiting time allowed. She kept asking the therapist to tell me, “can only buy today!!! Tell her, tell her”. The therapist quickly rushed back to where I was sitting (the small sofa) and told me about the ‘special promotion just for me…’. I was so irritated by then I told her I didn’t appreciate being made to wait 45 minutes before starting the session. Moreover, it was just starting the consultation, not the actual facial. By the time the facial started and ended, it was only about 45 minutes. I told her even if the price is only $288 for 10 sessions; I still require time to think about it. She finally gave up and wrote down her name and the outlet number on their business card.

    I left without paying a cent but was tired and annoyed… the waiting time, the hard-selling, the lousy facial, their shoddy attitude… I recommend not going even if it’s free because their free facial was such a flop. How do they expect to get customers when they treat first time customers so badly? All in all, their poor quality facials are not even worth $28 per facial. Period.


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      I left without paying a cent but was tired and annoyed… the waiting time, the hard-selling, the lousy facial, their shoddy attitude… I recommend not going even if it’s free because their free facial was such a flop. How do they expect to get customers when they treat first time customers so badly? All in all, their poor quality facials are not even worth $28 per facial. Period.


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        I go asia skin solution last year. the customer service officer called me and book the appointment for me.

        during the facial treament the sales consultant keep saying my skin condition is very bad.

        She only know how to hard selling. The sales consultant provide very bad customers service once she know you not interested to sign up package with them.

        please do not go asia skin solutions.


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          lousy facial is true.


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            same as new york skin solutions