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    The Nub

    The Nub was born from my need to pare things down for my shirt pockets and bag. I can't stand to be without a blush brush, but I find that the handles are always so big and bulky. This is a FULL SIZE blush head on a handle that is around an inch long. With the punch this little brush packs, you'd swear it has a Napoleon complex. But don't let its short stature fool you -- it's versatile, portable, pettable, and the absolute perfect purse companion to any travel kit. With just the right softness and firmness for the ideal "payoff", you can use it for blushes and powders, and you'll be able to take it with you even in your smallest evening bag! Only $18

    Just got this today and i it! Its really really small - fits right into my palm. Brush isn't that soft as the kabuki or my TBS blusher brush but it isn't pricky when I brush on my hand. I can't wait to use it and perfect for carrying around since it comes with a small plastic "pouch".

    Kabuki Brush

    This is the Rolls Royce of brushes. It's portable and soft beyond soft. Use it as an all over duster or just to blush the apple of your cheeks. It's perfect for bronzers, powder, and any cheek or face color. Only $39

    This is just slighter shorter than the Nub (yes, the Nub is really small!) and its soooooooooooo soft! Definitely softer then Bobbi Brown's

    I've heard lots of raves for their Six Kitten but i'm wondering is it that good? What else is good from this brand?

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    ooo the nub is too cute..have u used it yet? it's not scratchy on the skin right?


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      THey only ship within US?


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        Originally posted by angeldiane
        ooo the nub is too cute..have u used it yet? it's not scratchy on the skin right?
        have not used it on my face yet but not scratchy when i tested it on the back of my hands
        will update though!

        there's always VpostUSA


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          they dont accept non-US based credit cards


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            Originally posted by lumos
            they dont accept non-US based credit cards
            eh. I think they do. I managed to pay for the nub using mine... and its UOB card... I did it through the phone though, as it was an addition to my existing order.


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              i believe they do accept non US credit cards cause i know some people who placed orders that way.


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                really? yeah goodie goodie, cos i thought i saw it written on their website

                btw califit, i sw the token u left for me at MUA, have done the same for you, thanks gal


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                  but wait for their promos? coz i got the nub, mini brush set and kabuki during their xmas promos.

                  thanx dearie.
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                    just rcvd my nub + contour & blend brush from a recent Cat spree...i must admit that i was a tad disappointed with the nub brush...when i took it out from the sleeve i realise that the handle was almost dropping out and i had to fit it back on...

                    being an excited lil gal..i was happily brushing the brush on my hand and i realise the "Cat" imprint on my brush simply came it read "at" !!!

                    sigh..the bigger the expectation the greater the disappointment ya....i was so looking forward to the brushes !!

                    so just wanna check with the other gals who bought the nub have encoutered the same??

                    but i would really like to thank Jo for painstakingly organising such a spree for a big group thanks dearie!
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                      So sorry to hear that ... esp the part about the handle!
                      Do you want to try for an exchange?

                      Read this off their website:

                      Return Policy

                      All products come with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee*. For a prompt refund, simply return unused portion of product(s) or unopened product(s) to:

                      Cat Cosmetics
                      11 West 25th Street
                      7th Floor
                      New York, NY 10010

                      We HIGHLY recommend sending via UPS or USPS with Guaranteed Delivery.

                      * 1. Shipping costs will only be reimbursed in instances where Cat Cosmetics is at fault. Discounted grouped items in the "Monthly Meow" and other promotions, if partially returned, will receive a partial refund. "Litterbox" items can not be returned or exchanged.

                      How, gal?


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                        anyone starting a new cat cosmetic spree?? i thought of getting the brushes.... Kabuki Brush,The Nub... any advise on the brushes to get?


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                          Hey lele,
                          I'm thinking of another spree, but I'm waiting for their sales -- either around Thanksgiving or Christmas, when they have 50% off some items.


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                            Originally posted by 101mynxes
                            Hey lele,
                            I'm thinking of another spree, but I'm waiting for their sales -- either around Thanksgiving or Christmas, when they have 50% off some items.

                            ooh sounds good! i'm so tempted to get a kabuki. it's sooo adorable! and besides it was such a pleasant spree, spree-ing with you wouldn't mind doing it again!!

                            on the Nub brush - admit i was disappointed too. expected it to be oh-so-soft like silk, but it was a tad rough. but it does a REALLY good job of making sheer blushes show. my Jane 'youre glowing' blush is sooo sheer, i tried 10 times with my Manicare blush brush and NOTHING showed. but one swipe with the Nub and it showed!

                            i guess the densely packed brush head is good for picking up pigment from sheer blushes/powders.
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                              Originally posted by islande
                              ...on the Nub brush [edited: cut] it does a REALLY good job of making sheer blushes show
                              I wanna get the Nub to try with my Benefit Georgia!!! Doesn't show up very well on me -- but I'm hoarding it coz ... I love the sweet peachy scent!

                              And I'm lemming the kabuki too!! Saw the kabuki that the other cotters bought -- wow! And one of the gals did tell me later that it's realy soft!!

                              Anyway I love my brushes. They weren't what I had in mind though .. the powder brush wasn't as soft as I would like it to be and the brush handles were not lacquered (like my MAC, Shu and LM ones) BUT the e/s and crease brushes are soft! Just what I needed .. my eyelids don't take too well to pricky bristles. :roll: What really impressed me about the Cat brushes was the fact that it can pick up just the right amount of powder! For USD49, the brush set was a great buy!

                              Zhi -- The spree was fun! Would love to spree with you again soon!!

                              lele -- Save up and be prepared to burn $$$ in Oct and/or Dec!

                              A bit OT here, re soft brushes. One of the spreers compared the brush she bought with a similar one from a'squirrel -- a'squirrel wins hands down for its ultra-soft bristles!
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