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tinted moisturiser or pressed powder???

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  • tinted moisturiser or pressed powder???

    Advice Needed :choice:

    needed a natural coverage,
    was planning to buy either Za's tinted moisturiser or pressed powder.....pls help me to decide. thanks

    btw i have combi skin with large pores & slight blemishes.

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    tinted breathable sunblock?


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      IMO, avoid powder as much as possible if you're looking for a natural look. powder is NEVER natural. Just use a light light dusting of it and brush a big brush over your face afterwards to remove excess.

      TM would be best. There's a HUGE thread on that so you could try readin that for recommendations if you're interested.


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        I tried both ZA TM and pressed powder....I found the TM better at covering slight blemishes than the powder. Powder, even supposedly heavier powder foundations never seem to cover much for me; blemishes will still show through and the look is too matte to be natural.


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          If you ask me, the question is to not to decide between either one, cos for me, I can't do without a powder, and it should preferably be loose powder (although there're famous makeup artists like Bobbi Brown who says pressed is better).

          A TM doesn't cover much but there're a handful that aren't so sheer it's as good as not applying any:

          Px Traceless (some say it's a TM, some say it's a foundation),
          Origins Nude & Improved (it's either a TM or a foundation),
          Clarins TM

          Yes, check out the TM thread for recs.


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            If you want something not too made up but can't do without coverage, try dabbing concealer over blemishes then top off with powder. i'm using baby pink and it's looks natural enough for me.
            But when I want more coverage, I use my boots tinted moisturiser. I actually quite like this one save for the fact that the lighter shade is still too dark for me. but this sin't available in singapore so either get a CP or ask any of your friends who are going to bangkok to get it for you.