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CountryPassion Melties v. Extreme Candles

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  • CountryPassion Melties v. Extreme Candles

    Hi Ladies,

    Just to share.

    I came across this site while surfing for tarts and candles. It has a wide range of fragrances as well as cutesy tart burners.

    The prices are pretty competitive as compared to LOL candles.

    Gosh! this tarts frenzy is getting me wild with all the fragrances, especially those foodie fragrances!

    Anyone has tried anything from Country Passion?

    With so many different brands going around, I'm not sure how much it differs in comparison of scent throw and quality. Anybody can help with my big Q?

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    wow, i checked out their scent list and its extremely foody. I love foody scents but from my experience with , they might have the tendency to smell the same. I ordered a whole bunch of foody scents from extremecandles (i.e. banana cream pie, dreamsicle, sugar cookie, touched by an angel, creme brule) and there was hardly any difference except for the slight notes of banana or orange.

    i'm not sure if this will run true for country passion, but it possibly might be. also i have to add thatthe foody smelling tarts made me queasy after a bit of!

    i've just ordered pink grapefruit, macintosh apple, waterfall mist and mango mandarin from extremecandles again though. (great CS!!) Basic scents but great nonetheless! Let me know if you want reviews!


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      hi burntpinkhair!

      yes please! do share your reviews on those lovelies


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        Okay here goes nuthin!! (all based on cold throws unless specified)

        Macintosh Apple- Smells exactly like the cottage shoppe one. Its juicy and sweet, very true to scent. I would stock up on this!

        Mango Mandarin- This is a complete duplicate of the popular Bath & Body works scent. Sweet and tangy, it works as a perfect pick me up in the mornings! High rec'd. (one of mom's favourites i might add)

        Pink Grapefruit- I didn't particularly like this one, though it was somewhat citrusy smelling, it wasn't anything pink grapefruit was supposed to be. But nice anyhows, just not true to scent description.

        Waterfall mist- Very clean and crisp smelling. Not overpowering at all, this would be great if you don't want anything to fruity or foody. Smells exceptionally fresh and um, clean. (another of mom's favourites too!!)

        Below are based on hot throws.

        Touched by an Angel- This smells like baby powder with a touch of vanilla. Very comforting scent and everyone (and i mean everyone!) who has smelled this, love it!

        Eucalyptus - This is mint supreme!! Its a departure from conventional scents. Very basic eucalyptus, and Vicks like i might add? I don't detect other notes in this one.

        Dreamsicle - This made me kinda queasy after a while. For some reason, i can't quite take vanilla in liberal doses. While Touched by An Angel only had a hint of vanilla, Dreamsicle was just vanilla laden with orange!! Okay if you have a strong stomach for sweet foody vanillas. Think sweet cream with orange.

        Sugar Cookie - The cold throw of this one smelled really delicious, exactly how a sugar cookie would taste like. Sweet, sugary biscuits with a hint of caramel. But the eventual hot throw was just bases of sweet foody vanilla again. Very much like dreamsicle without the hint of orange. They smell so alike though.

        Deep Fried Ice cream - lol! Sugar Cookie 2.

        Okay, will check in with more later!

        *edited by ataraxia - added subject to avoid confusion*
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          hi burntpinkhair

          What do you think of Extreme's Creme Brulee and if you try other etailers' CB, how are they compared? TIA!


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            Originally posted by glenda
            hi burntpinkhair

            What do you think of Extreme's Creme Brulee and if you try other etailers' CB, how are they compared? TIA!
            Hi glenda,

            I got creme brule as a sample scent because i don't usually like the cloying sweetness. So i'm sorry i can't really tell you how it compares to other tarts, but i can tell you how its like! I'm not very good at scent descriptions but hope this helps!

            Creme Brule: Very heavy base notes of vanilla. There is a very slight hint of caramel however, but not enough. It really is just plain vanilla and ends up a duplicate of sugar cookie, deep fried ice cream etc. It doesn't smell like creme brule at all, but that is just based on the cold throw. Burning it might bring a pleasant surprise! I hope you found that *somewhat* useful