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    Found this site in the MUA board. Not sure of their quality and service, but the price is really cheap!!!!

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    wow. its getting more competitive! I wouldn't mind buying a few to try out.

    they have pretty interesting scents that other e-tailers don't carry as well. Nice!


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      I just check their shipping fee, by just adding stuff in cart and calculate. Seems like their shipping fee is abit inconsistent, weird...

      I add 6 Heart Shaped Wax Tarts packs in cart, I get US$12 international shipping fee. But I also get US$12 for 6 Two Piece Tart Sampler!! :huh:

      I find their shipping charges is abit too much, isn't it.... looks like as if they are trying to earn from the shipping charges... :roll:
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        Some mua-ers review that theirs are not strongly scented. Tarts are of uneven color. One even complained that it's far too small that the other brands she had tried. hmmm.... :roll:


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          ack. US$12 for shipping sounds like a rip off, hopefully its a computer glitch or something. Maybe they'll listen when the boards start complaining.

          It's not so much of a biggie if they're differently coloured, but size would be something most of us would get nit picky about. Looks like this is a no go afterall!!

          (strange i should be so happy)


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            yeap, can save $$